Admittedly, it comes a little late. I wish that we had been supplied this information earlier. Perhaps, we could have saved our daughter copious amounts of pain and agony at the hands of the school personnel that were entrusted with her education and well-being during the day. However, this new information leaves me feeling validated in our decision to pull her from the school. It also supports our belief that our daughter was telling us the truth when she admitted to the things she was guilty of and denied other things. Continue reading



Today as part of the switch to homeschooling, my husband went to pick up our daughter’s stuff from school. I requested all of her work to see why they graded it all as a fail. 

The teacher used her incomplete work from class instead of all the work my daughter and I spent a week pushing through. A week of pure torture. A week of coming home from school, getting immediately to work, and working until about an hour past bedtime to get done. 

The items I wrote notes on are in there. They are in there as duplicates of the poorly graded pages. It’s about the only proof I have that she did what she did. 

What I can’t understand is why. Why would she do this? Why would a teacher want to refuse to grade the work she sent home? Was I not supposed to do it? Was I supposed to fail, therefore causing my daughter to fail? What kind of person is she? I am so angry right now. But, at least I now know for sure that we made the right decision returning to homeschooling.  

The school isn’t finished with us yet. Today, we got a visit from child protective services. This is the second time this school year that the school has called CPS on us. The worker was really nice. And we know that we are great parents. But, CPS’s time would be better spent on children who need their help. There is nothing illegal (or child abuse) about choosing to homeschool. In this case, it would be far more abuse of our child to allow her to continue to go to this school. 

We ordered new cirriculum books. They should be here in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I still have stacks of work that they sent home that we couldn’t finish in the week time frame that was given to us. We are working on writing and reading and just trying to pull together schoolwork until the books arrive. 

Onward to our next homeschooling adventure! Wish us luck. 

Ideas welcome

Recently, I received a comment on Am I wrong? that simply says yes, I am wrong. 

I’m okay being told I am wrong. As I said, it was one idea. 

First, the chatting part is not a part of what I believe my daughter needs for support but simply something I believe all kids would benefit from. 

Second, the “stretching” can be done in an organized fashion (as a group), or just allow children to chose how or if they need to stretch. It releases stress and tension. It is beneficial to everyone’s health. 

Third, the walking in groups instead of a straight line is also not a support my daughter needs, just another thing I think all kids would benefit from.  Still ask, when have you walked in a straight line in your grown up life (waiting in line not included)?

A behavior chart and planned stretching between subjects is all I’m really proposing. 

If you see a problem with these ideas, please feel free to share. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please, share what you think wouldn’t work, why, and any ideas you may have as an alternative. 

Also if you do agree, please share what you think would work, why, and of course I’d love to hear any ideas anyone has. 

I’m sharing because I’m notobtaining acceptable  results to ensure my child is educated properly. I’m sharing what I’ve tried. I’m sharing my ideas. Your experience or thoughts could be what helps us the most. 

Please don’t be shy. Join the conversation. 

Am I wrong?

I have homeschooled my daughter for a year and a half. She decided she was ready to go back to school. We discussed it over the summer and agreed to let her return to the public school system because we were living in a different district than the ones where the abuse had occurred.

She is diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. In the past, she has suffered physical injury at the hands of school staff. Our ASD son has as well. Some of it is permanent damage. Our daughter had an earring ripped out. Our son has ligament damage to his wrist. Other injuries they’ve sustained have healed completely. They have both suffered extreme emotional abuse from the staff at multiple schools.

If the school had been willing to discuss with me positive behavior supports (PBS) and a behavior intervention plan (BIP), we would not be in the situation we find ourselves in today; back to homeschooling. This dear coleague letter  from the United States Department of Education addresses positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS). It recommends that, wherever possible, school wide tier supports be used. This includes all of those posters you see around the school reminding students of expectations and school rules, usually in a fun comic. It also says that small group and individual supports should be implemented, as needed, for additional supports.

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I’ve been called a lot of things in my life

Some good, some bad. But narcissist is a new one. 

That’s what the newest comment from that “parent” called me. Am I a narcissist for expecting them to follow the law? For thinking that my daughter’s disability should never be used as a weapon against her? 

Yes, it is true that my daughter has lashed out during high anxiety situations, and I do feel bad for the kids that have been hurt in the process. However, instead of attacking the child whose anxiety was so great she felt the need to protect herself no matter the cost, perhaps you should be angry that the staff at your child’s school pushed her into such high anxiety that she resorted to defending herself. 

I have repeatedly attempted to work with that staff to stop pushing my daughter into high anxiety situations. I have repeatedly offered advice and helpful information. This information has included both my own experiences and articles written by some top professionals in the field. 

You are correct, I don’t share everything on this blog, but it is not for narcissistic reasons. However, I have not said that my child is innocent. If you truly read my blog, you would see that I do admit that she has hurt people when her anxiety is up.  I don’t deny that it is a problem. (However, your allegation has never been reported to me or documented in her discipline records) What I said is that the law is clear and they have to use supports and accommodations to help her (and all the children in her class) to be successful. 

Sadly, it seems to me that I am doing more to protect your child than you are. Good luck to you and yours. My conscience is clear.