Make a list

Today’s Blogging University assignment is to make a list.

Today, let’s write a list. Compiling a list is a way to let loose, unlock ideas, and free your mind. Today, write your own list on one of these topics:

  • Things I Like
  • Things I’ve Learned
  • Things I Wish
  • Things You’re Good At

There are no rules, though you can create some boundaries for yourself by deciding in advance how many items you’d like to include, or by setting a timer – try a list of 15 items, set a timer for 45 minutes.

I’m a great list maker. I make lists when creating holiday menus, shopping, and packing for a vacation or move. When it comes to my writing, I’m not so good at lists. I do use the sticky notes feature on my computer. I keep lists of my characters and any details that may be pertinent throughout the story. That’s about the extent of my lists when it comes to my writing.

I wasn’t really certain which list I would choose when I started this post. I was leaning the most towards Things I Like. Mainly because it seemed like the easiest one to write. After all, who can’t come up with a list of things that they like? There is so much great stuff to enjoy in the world. I knew that I wouldn’t write a list of Things I Wish. This is mainly due to superstition. If you share your wishes, then they don’t come true. Right? Then, there is the option of writing a list of Things You’re Good At. I’m not really good at focusing on my positives. I am not really good at focusing on myself. But, Things I’ve Learned is the one that keeps calling to me.

I’ve learned so much in my 37 years. I don’t think I ever really thought to make a list of them, but here we go:

  1. I’ve learned that being family doesn’t guarantee love.
  2. I’ve learned that marriage is a lot of hard work and compromise.
  3. I’ve learned that you have to be flexible because just when you have a handle on things, life throws you a curve ball.
  4. I’ve learned that some people only care about you if there is some benefit to them.
  5. I’ve learned that the only person who can truly judge me is me.
  6. I’ve learned that love is worth more to me than all the fortunes in the world.
  7. I’ve learned that true love is an amazing gift.
  8. I’ve learned that I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined I would be.
  9. I’ve learned that I am strong and resilient.
  10. I’ve learned that it’s okay to have days where you just don’t want to.
  11. I’ve learned that if you want something in life, you have to go out and get it.
  12. I’ve learned that you do not get what you put in and people don’t always get what they deserve.
  13. I’ve learned to let go of fear and uncertainty and put a little faith and trust in their place.
  14. I’ve learned that it’s okay that life didn’t turn out the way I planned.
  15. Most importantly, I’ve learned how to enjoy the life I have.

How about you? Do you have a list of things you’ve learned? Can you make one of the other lists?


I write because…

I decided to sign up for the Blogging University by The Daily Post. Today is day 1 of the course. They provided a writing prompt (I write because…). I’m to spend either 15 or 30 minutes (my choice) free writing on the topic. Here I go. 

I write because it brings me pleasure. It opens my mind and imagination to otherwise unobtainable heights. Writing gives me a way to sort through my thoughts and feelings. It allows me to organize them and make sense of them. 

Mostly, I write because I am a writer. Does that seem like a cop out? It isn’t. It’s just how I identify myself. I’m not much of a talker. I miss the days of long, handwritten letters. The days of quick notes passed behind the teachers back. Sometimes, I even miss chatting on yahoo messenger. 

I can craft eloquent texts that convey my message to the reader. Verbally, I stumble through. I search for words or find myself interrupted and, ultimately, dropping the subject. Writing leaves no room for interruption. It means I can get out an entire thought (or collection of them). Even if the recipient isn’t interested in reading my words, I’ve taken the opportunity to say all that I need to say. 

Why do I write? Freedom. Openness. Stress relief. To share my thoughts. Emotional cleansing. 

I write because I’m a writer. It’s what I do. 

In anticipation of Christmas

Today’s The Daily Post word prompt word is anticipation. This word is actually coming at a perfect time. In anticipation of Christmas, I have been working on setting up some discounts for all of our children’s books.

Books make a great Christmas gift for loved ones young and old.

We’ve Seen Santa

We’ve Seen Santa is a great book to read to little one’s on Christmas Eve while they are full of excitement in anticipation of Santa Claus’s arrival. Children will delight in hearing about this brother and sister sneaking out of their bedrooms to catch a glimpse of the jolly elf as he fills their stockings and nibbles on the cookies they left out for him.

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I Love the Changing Seasons

I Love the Changing Seasons is a winner of the 2013 KART Kids Book List Award for creative storytelling. This book will take children through all the changing seasons and the fun that comes along with each season change.

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Monster Beneath my Bed

Monster Beneath my Bed is a mostly true story about the monster we found beneath our daughter’s bed. This story has a surprise ending that will help put children at ease about what may be lurking beneath their bed.

*also available on Amazon or Barnes&Noble*

Bully Troubles

Bully Troubles is our first chapter book. It covers the serious issue of bullying. This story stars our dog, Bear B; and our cat, Stone. In this adventure, they deal with a very serious issue of a couple of neighborhood dogs who try to bully them around. They make friends along the way. They are faced with some tough situations and make some hard choices. This is a great early reader chapter book to share with your kids and open up a discussion about bullying and how to deal with the very serious issue.

*also available on Amazon or Barnes&Noble*

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When I opened my email today and saw that today’s The Daily Post word prompt word was tree, I was instantly reminded of this poem by Joyce Kilmer. We had to memorize it in middle school during the poetry lessons. It still pops into my head from time to time, though I don’t think I have the whole thing memorized anymore. I looked it up to be sure I shared it correctly with you. 


By Joyce Kilmer

I think that I shall never see 

A poem lovely as a tree. 

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest 

Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast; 

A tree that looks at God all day, 

And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

 A tree that may in Summer wear 

A nest of robins in her hair; 

Upon whose bosom snow has lain; 
Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,

But only God can make a tree.