Check out these great children’s books

Front CoverBully Troubles

This is by far my favorite of all our books. It was written during a time when we were struggling with bullies. Those bullies were the staff at my children’s schools. They were the administrators who were supposed to protect my children. Instead, they were the ones doing the harm.

I used our pets Bear B and Stone as the stars. I did my best to capture their personalities within the story. I really enjoyed writing this story. It was almost like therapy while fighting those bullies that I was powerless to stop.
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9781468003543-frontcover We’ve Seen Santa

This was our first book. I used my love of poetry and rhyming to tell the tale of two siblings sneaking down on Christmas Eve to catch Santa in the act.

It’s a dream many children have. Who didn’t want to catch Santa leaving presents under the tree? Who didn’t dream of tip-toeing out of their room and catching him? I wrote this story for all of us who were never brave enough to risk losing our presents if Santa caught us.

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frontcoverI Love the Changing Seasons

I wrote this story while helping my young daughter to learn about the seasons and the weather. We were talking about all of the fun things you can do during each of the seasons.

This book is a winner of the 2013 KART Kids Book List Award for creative storytelling. I once again used my love of poetry and rhyme to tell a story that takes children through the four seasons in a fun and creative way.
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9781468085488-frontcoverMonster Beneath my Bed

I wrote this book to tell the story of the monster that was lurking beneath our daughter’s bed. It is mostly the true story, with a little creative storytelling to make it fun and exciting.

The surprise ending will leave children delighted. I wanted to remind my daughter of the time that she was so scared of what was hiding under her bed and the discovery that there is nothing scary in the dark. We always told our children that the only things there in the dark are the same things that are there in the light.

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front coverChild Eater

This was my first (and only, so far) novel. I wrote it during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I can’t really say where the story came from. It just seemed to flow from me onto the pages.

This is not a children’s book. It is something for Mommy or Daddy to read while their little one is napping or having quiet reading time.


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Getting ready for the celebration

I just drew/colored an original artwork for the announcement post picture. Here’s a sneak peek…

I have come up with what the giveaway will include. There will be one prize winner.

The prize will be a complete collection of our children’s books autographed by both Clark and myself and a hexagonal blanket crocheted by me. 

I am hoping to launch the giveaway on Monday. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement post. 

Thank you again for your love and support. I am so excited to celebrate that y’all have reached 100 strong. 

new year, new idea

I decided that the beginning of the year was an excellent time to revamp my blog. I’ve changed around some of the design. I also took the time to rewrite my meet me page. I have no intention of changing my content. This would be rather impossible considering that I write whatever is on my mind.

Along with the new year came a new idea. I have noticed that my recipes seem to be one of the most popular parts of my blog. I’ve posted some of my family’s favorites. I’ve posted a few of my own original recipes. I still have many, many more.

That’s where this new idea comes in. I was thinking that while I continue to post some great recipes here, I will gather up many more and compile a cookbook. If I manage to come up with enough recipes (and remember to take the pictures, too), then I believe I can come up with a great cookbook.

I am not giving up on my books, and I have not given up on the idea of writing more children’s books for my husband to illustrate. I think a cookbook would be a great addition to my growing collection of published works.

What do you think?

Drumroll please…

I finally got around to making that throw pillow I have been talking about since March. This first one is for my daughter. She selected the t-shirt and the yarn. I love working with variegated yarn. I love how the color intersperses throughout the work.

Dreamcatcher Throw Pillow
I started it last night. I spent most of the evening and into the morning working on it. (blog post coming on our new insane hours at the Higgins’ household). I had just a little bit to finish up this afternoon. Overall, I can complete a pillow in a day or two tops.


Back of Dreamcatcher Throw Pillow
My next project is my son’s throw pillow. He selected a really awesome t-shirt that he loved to death and wore anytime it was clean, until sadly he outgrew it. He has been hanging on to it ever since, perhaps hoping that he will fit into it once again. This is not likely to happen as he is fast approaching six feet tall and built like a linebacker. Now, he gets an excuse to keep it forever. He’s geeked. He even went through my yarn to find what he thought would be the perfect color to compliment his favorite t-shirt. I will post pictures when I finish that one.


Accidental advertisement

I left a comment on this post from my local news last night. 

My comment:

And yet handcrafted items that take time and skill don’t sell. I’ve got them listed on eBay for way less than $85. I will never understand the human race…

This morning when I woke up, people had requested the link to my eBay shop. I wasn’t looking to advertise or expecting to make any sales through my comment. Now, I’ve received two bids on two items followed by comments back on my comment letting me know they have placed bids. 

Pretty awesome accidental advertising. Here is the link to my eBay page in case there was anything you want to place a bid on. Check out all the great handcrafted items I have available.