meet me

New year, new me. Okay, maybe not really. I don’t plan on changing much. However, I figure the new year is as good a time as any to start making over my blog.

I wouldn’t really say that I am an expert at anything. As they say, jack of all trades, master of none. That’s me. I have many loves in life. First, of course, is my family. I love them with all of my heart. I will talk about them often.

I love to write. I am proud to be an award-winning children’s author, but am sad to say I am not a well-known one. I have learned that it is rather hard to get the word out there without an agent, and I cannot afford an agent, to pay for advertising, or to put much money into it at all. I, however, refuse to give up hope that my books will find themselves in the hands of children who will love and cherish their stories.

I find cooking to be both enjoyable and therapeutic. At times, it is a bond building experience cooking with my family. When cooking with my husband, it can be downright romantic. It is certainly an intimate way to spend time with your spouse during life’s busy schedules. I like to create my own recipes, improve on recipes I come across, and find new favorites. I share many of the successes here on my blog.

I am a pet parent. I believe that animals are members of the family and should be treated as such. Our dog, Bear, and our (deceased) cat Stone are the stars of our chapter book, Bully Troubles. Bear is getting up there in age. He suffers from epilepsy. I love him almost as much as I love my other two children (and on days where he is the only one listening, I think I may love him the most, lol).

Storytelling and cooking aren’t my only form of creative expression. I also crochet for fun and relaxation. From time to time, you may see me advertise my eBay shop or items in it.

Most days my life is pretty boring. You may even catch me rambling on about my latest Netflix binge. My life is unconventional. Currently, it is a little bit past midnight, and some are just now eating dinner. Me, I’m not even hungry, yet. We are adjusting to a new schedule while tackling another year of homeschooling after rescuing our daughter from another bully running a public school system.

Click follow to stay up to date on my latest posts. I’m also on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest (though admittedly since WordPress doesn’t post automatically to Pinterest, I rarely remember to get my blog posts over there. I do however pin a lot of recipes and a few other things).


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