Kittens… oh kittens

We love them. Some days we want to kill them. Like this morning when we woke up to find that they had dug up all of our potted plants except my cacti. 😳

My husband made an emergency run to the store and picked up new potting soil, and I did my best to save our green babies. They are now replanted in fresh nutrient rich soil (except the missing new guy that had barely begun to grow). Only time will tell if it is enough to save them.

After much research, I have treated the area with my orange peel infused vinegar. This is supposed to deter them from the area.

To make the day even more fun, my husband found 2 guilty parties hiding beneath the dishwasher. He had to pull out both the stove and the dishwasher to get them out. The appliances in the house are all now kitty proofed to the best of my husband's abilities.

I had forgotten what it was like to have babies in the house. No matter the species, it's exhausting.


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