Smokey passed away

Sadly, Smokey passed away sometime Monday before we woke up. She has been sick since we got her back from my in laws. We've been preparing for the loss and spent as much time as we could loving and caring for her.
Her last night with us was full of pampering. She had a bath and brushing. She lay in my lap and purred after. Here is the collection of photos we took during those last hours.

We also have THREE new family members to introduce you to. A friend of mine had kittens she has been trying to find a home for. They are siblings, almost a year old. They bonded, so they came as a package deal. It's two brothers and a sister.
We brought them home last night. They're scared and hiding, though one of the brothers has wandered out a few times during the last hour or so.
We haven't had a chance to get to know them and name them, yet. We also haven't gotten many good pictures. Here is what I've got. These were taken last night as soon as they came out of the carrier.

One of the boys found our triple beam scale and decided to become a part of it. The other boy climbed up into a table behind the video games. Their sister was stationed beneath the brother in the video games, but she ultimately climbed up and joined him.

Today, they are all three hiding inside one of our living room chairs. I will post good pics and their names as soon as we have them.


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