Laugh at yourself

I can't honestly say I'm feeling any better. Truth is, I'm feeling much worse today.
I remember a time when I thought I was beautiful. I didn't always catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and quickly turn away in disgust.
And so my quest to find what's eating me up inside and turning my world so dark begins. I read somewhere that laughter is good for the soul. Patch Adams taught us that laughter has healing qualities. I guess my quest started with my adventure in the bathroom last night.
I've included a recap of the events below so that you can laugh along with me.

Adventure in the Bathroom

I approach the sink, preparing to wash my hands when movement catches my eye. There is a spider scurrying across the cabinet mirror.

Keeping one eye on the spider, I grab myself a couple squares of toilet paper and fold it over a few times.

I slowly and quietly approach the spider (can they hear us?) toilet paper poised, arm stretched as far away from me as it will go.

I jab at the spider with the toilet paper. It leaps into the air and disappears. I'm searching the counter for it. I locate a tiny one hiding behind a canister, but there is no sign of the jumper.

I toss the toilet paper in the toilet, accepting that the big one got away. I proceed to wash my hands, and I think I feel something crawling on my arm. I'm brushing it off, flinging water all over the bathroom.

Still can't find the dang thing. I proceed to brush my teeth and finish getting ready for bed. As I am rinsing my mouth, I glance over to the corner of the counter, and there's the spider's corpse right around where the ordeal began.

When I jabbed at it I must've killed it, but my panic sent its dead body flying, giving it the illusion of leaping to safety.


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