Laugh at yourself

I can't honestly say I'm feeling any better. Truth is, I'm feeling much worse today.
I remember a time when I thought I was beautiful. I didn't always catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and quickly turn away in disgust.
And so my quest to find what's eating me up inside and turning my world so dark begins. I read somewhere that laughter is good for the soul. Patch Adams taught us that laughter has healing qualities. I guess my quest started with my adventure in the bathroom last night.
I've included a recap of the events below so that you can laugh along with me.

Adventure in the Bathroom

I approach the sink, preparing to wash my hands when movement catches my eye. There is a spider scurrying across the cabinet mirror.

Keeping one eye on the spider, I grab myself a couple squares of toilet paper and fold it over a few times.

I slowly and quietly approach the spider (can they hear us?) toilet paper poised, arm stretched as far away from me as it will go.

I jab at the spider with the toilet paper. It leaps into the air and disappears. I'm searching the counter for it. I locate a tiny one hiding behind a canister, but there is no sign of the jumper.

I toss the toilet paper in the toilet, accepting that the big one got away. I proceed to wash my hands, and I think I feel something crawling on my arm. I'm brushing it off, flinging water all over the bathroom.

Still can't find the dang thing. I proceed to brush my teeth and finish getting ready for bed. As I am rinsing my mouth, I glance over to the corner of the counter, and there's the spider's corpse right around where the ordeal began.

When I jabbed at it I must've killed it, but my panic sent its dead body flying, giving it the illusion of leaping to safety.


Confession is good for the soul…

Something is ugly and broken in me. When I stand in front of the mirror and I can't stand the sight of my own reflection. When my daughter tells me that I'm beautiful and I tell her I'm not. This is the same daughter who I've told a thousand times that she looks just like me.
You're beautiful, baby girl. Inside and out. Something's just ugly and broken in me. Something that causes me to hate the reflection staring back at me. Continue reading

Time sure does fly…

Though I can’t say I’ve been having fun. I can’t believe it has been over a month since I last logged on. I warned you from the start, I’m a terrible blogger. 

What do I have to report after all this time? Our unexpected guests have moved on. It’s back to just the four of us, now. 

Unpacking is still so incredibly slow. The storage shelves and cabinets we need to put things away are still at the back of our storage unit. We’re slowly bringing in boxes and unpacking them as we can. 

I’m donating our couch because we don’t have enough room for it plus our chairs. I decided the chairs are more comfortable and take up less space. 

I reorganized my cooking utensils. I had a drawer that was just a mess of everything from ladle to knife to slotted spoon. 

I had a box of wide mouth mason jars in storage. There’s this useless little chunk of counter between the stove and the wall. I figured out a way to make it useful. 

Use mason jars to organize cooking utensils

The dishwasher has been put into place, but it turns out we need an adapter to hook it up. Still, it’s a step in the right direction. 

I also ended up pulling the towels from the linen closet (guess I’ll need to come up with a new name for the closet, now). In doing so, I opened up two shelves in the closet, and I’m reorganizing in a way that will (hopefully) open a third shelf. I moved the towels into the bathroom. I had my husband mount my over the toilet shelf free standing against the wall (it wouldn’t work above the toilet because it was in the way of opening the lid fully)

It’s going to take time, and I have a feeling I’m going to be doing a lot of moving and rearranging as I unpack more. 

I’m also taking to eBay as I find I have copious amounts of clothes my family no longer wears. As we unpack, I may add household items, too. There’s only a few things, now, but I will be trying to add more everyday. 

I will try to be better about stopping by here and posting more. 

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