Day 2: better than yesterday

As is customary, I spent yesterday familiarizing myself with all the quirks of the house. We’ve got a toilet that won’t flush unless you hold the handle down and another that won’t fill if you don’t push the bulb down or won’t stop running if you don’t pull the bulb up. 

Yesterday, I unpacked the silverware and placed it in its new drawer home. Then, I closed the drawer, and it promptly fell into the cabinet. Discovered that if you went slowly and at the perfect angle it would stay in place. Today, I climbed into the cabinet (Bear B couldn’t find me, 😂), and I think I fixed it. I’ve slammed it a few times now (which I hope no one intends to do) and it has stayed on its track and not fallen in again. 

My seat while I fixed the drawer guide at the back of the cabinet

The stove isn’t hooked up, yet (we need a different sized adapter than we needed at the other house) so I’m using the slow cooker to cook our meals. Yesterday’s dinner was almost 2 hours late. First, the outlet I was plugged into was loose and the plug kept falling out. Then, I didn’t add enough liquid to properly cook the rice. My husband put a surge protector strip on that counter, plugged into the socket that isn’t loose. I’ve got venison (curtesy of our house guests 😊) slow cooking in there, now. It is going to be another rice night, because we haven’t had a chance to go shopping, yet. I do love that slow cooker. It’s a life saver in circumstances like these. 

There’s a dresser in the middle of my living room, and boxes stacked all over the place, but nothing above waist level, anymore. It was driving Clark crazy, so he reorganized so it wouldn’t feel nearly as crowded. 

I’m working my way through unpacking the kitchen boxes. Those are the most important ones in my eyes. Plus, that seems to be what we have the most of right now. 

Our guests have been really great. They help out in any way they can and everyone is getting along so well. It’s a bit crowded with six people, a 76 pound dog and a household’s worth of boxes stacked everywhere, but we’ll make it through. 

Overall, I would say that (like day one) day two is going pretty much as I would expect it to. The place has its quirks, but we expected that with a fixer upper. As we unpack and build our home, the quirks will become ours, too. 


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