Day 1 officially in the new place

The boxes aren’t piled as high today. When people walk in the door, I just wave and they can find me back here. 

I started working on putting away the dishes. Some have been in storage for a while, so this includes more scrubbing (like I haven’t scrubbed enough)

I got my silverware drawer all organized and perfect. Then, I went to close the drawer and it fell in. Pulled it out, examined it, and slid it back in again. The guide is made of plastic and the one side is pretty jacked up. For now, it goes in correctly so long as you’re gentle. 

I noticed we were pretty low on towels, so I threw a load in the washer. Still haven’t gotten ourselves a dryer, so I have towels hanging to dry. They’re going to be a little stiff because I forgot to buy fabric softener. I then found a box of summer clothes and ran those through the wash, too. It would be a little easier to hang dry the laundry if we’d thought to grab the bags of hangers out of storage. 

As I typed this, Bear B just figured out how to open the screen door and walked right on out. Thank goodness he listened when I told him to turn around and get back in the house. 

I’ve got steak in the slow cooker. The stove is here, but, of course, we need a different sized adapter before we can hook it up. I figure I’ll shred the steak and add rice and turn it into a rice casserole. First official dinner in the new place. 

All in all, I would have to say that it’s a pretty basic first official day in the new place. 


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