I believe we are all “color blind”…

Or, actually, nobody is. 

He sees brown, but I see gray.

This is our sheet set. I see gray with maybe a hint of pink. My husband sees brown the shade of homemade chocolate milk. 
I see so many This Color is Breaking the Internet posts like this Earthables post.  I see a beautiful turquoise green, by the way, and husband says it’s more of a swampy green. He also used the word gray to describe the green. I have never seen a green with gray before. 

What does this mean?

It means that like so many things in the world, we all see things a bit differently. So, the question is, is anyone actually color blind? Or did someone somewhere along the way just say, You see things differently than I do. Therefore, you are wrong. I will label you color blind. 

What an ugly thing labels are

How far back did humans begin finding reasons and ways to divide ourselves? When did we cease to just be people? How do we know how black or white a person actually is if we cannot see the same color? It’s just another way to divide the nations. Watch Bones and be reminded race is actually determined by bone structure NOT skin color. Also watch and be reminded we all really do look the same on the inside.

No one benefits

We probably all benefit from something that makes us different, and it causes another to feel hatred or jealousy towards us. This is what those original labels taught us to do. The first label was given. Probably, it was the simplest of things. It started with I’m hungry. One creature ate other creatures and those creatures started to team up to evade or take down the newly labeled shared enemy. 

Thus, humans came together. They began to team together for work. They bonded. Someone said, I’m in charge. Perhaps they took down the idiot who thought they would be in charge, or perhaps he or she was left in charge. Either way, it was the beginning of human separation. 


So, people evolved. Adaptation leads to evolution. In this case, they adapted by getting to know each other to work together as a tribe. As I pointed out above, someone became in charge. Maybe someone was elected? Maybe after working together they decided one guy had his stuff together. He really knew what he was doing. They just started following his lead. 

Language was developed. Probably started with pointing. Then grunting. Then sounds. Then words. Think of how a baby develops language. Eventually, they mimic our sounds which we have labeled English, Spanish, German, Italian, etc… And divide those into dialects, because she talks funny is just another label used to divide us. We teach our children each label when we teach them our word for it. 

Our 5 senses are just that, OURS

No matter if it’s the color we see, the sound of a baby crying, what our favorite meal tastes like, what that fresh cut grass smells like, or how ticklish we are. We all know somebody who sees, hears, tastes, smells, or feels it differently. Same goes for how we talk. Your own voice sounds different on a recording, right? 

Why? Because all of our senses are built only on perception. My brain transmits what it perceives my lenses to see. His transmits what his perceives. We are both nearsighted, yet we cannot just trade glasses. 

Add a filter

Lenses are just like filters. I added a filter to the original picture. 

Using the Autumn filter, I see a dark brown.

Using the Spring filter, I see a different shade of gray and much more pink.

Finally, using the summer filter, I have found a creamy chocolate.

It’s not quite the same color as chocolate milk, but it’s as close as I could get with my filters. Did they change for you?
Filters. They change your perception. If the lenses you’re looking through make you see something ugly, try a different outlook. Approach it from a different angle. How we think of each other and how we divide ourselves all comes down to perception. 

It’s not always easy. We all fall for some label. We assess the color of someone’s hair, their height or weight, etc… and we label them accordingly. Just as easy as we label a file. Just the way our brain labels the color we are seeing. 

Change your perception, change your world. 


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