Palmolive Fusion Clean is AMAZING!!

I don’t really do product reviews. I use the products I use, and don’t really give it much thought. I feel that Palmolive Fusion Clean deserves a moment of my attention. 

I initially picked up a bottle of this a few months back as part of a buy one get one free offer. My family has a tendency to skip the rinse, and the bottle promised to remove stuck on food that had been sitting for 24 hours. Palmolive is a trusted name in my house. I decided to give it a try. 

It works great on those stuck on foods my family forgot to rinse. Sometimes, I need to apply a little extra to my washcloth to get the really stuck on foods. I handcrocheted all of my washcloths, and they have great scrubbing abilities. 

Recently, I’ve been scrubbing our new place to clean it in preparation of moving in. I was dealing with a particularly disgusting kitchen and having a bit of trouble breaking through the grease and grime around the cooking area and the caked on food spills left to rot in an empty house for months. 

I’ve tried everything from all purpose to degreaser to bleach. I tried scouring pads, brushes, microfiber sponges, and regular sponges. Nothing was cutting through the grease and grime. Yesterday, my husband was running to the store for nails to finish replacing some floor boards and asked if I needed anything. I had him pick me up the Palmolive Fusion Clean (baking soda & grapefruit). 

I made a bucket of sudsy water (cold because we’re still without running water over there and hauling it in from here in jugs) and grabbed a microfiber sponge. I tackled the cooking area, stove alcove, and hood, which were all covered in so much grease that you could actually see it. It still took a lot of elbow grease, but it worked! Thanks to Palmolive Fusion Clean , my kitchen is almost clean!

It also comes in baking soda & lime, though I haven’t tried that one, yet. Like all Palmolive dish soaps, a little bit goes a long way. 

*Palmolive did not pay me for this review and, in fact, are probably unaware of its existence. 


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