Moving into a fixer-upper…

I never knew that moving could be such a slow process. We spent another weekend working at the trailer. Saturday, my husband took the kids over to clean up the yard. They filled quite a few trash bags. Now, we just need to get over there with the lawn mower and the yard will be finished. Sunday, I did more precleaning with the shop vac and my husband built and installed more plumbing.

Monday, my son wasn’t feeling well, so he stayed home from work. My husband worked his usual shift. I stayed here at the house and worked on cleaning, organizing, packing, and my usual dishes and laundry.

Tuesday, just as I was settling in to start more of the same, I received a text from my husband. They were both given the option to go home for lack of workLack of work days basically means that not all the presses are running, so some operators get the day off to go do whatever they’d like to do. The plus side: no write up for missing work; the down side: no pay because you didn’t work. They go by seniority, offering it to those with higher seniority, first.

So, I changed clothes, and, when my husband got home, we headed to the hardware store for a few things, grabbed a bite to eat, and went to work on the trailer again. We spent about five hours there that night. He built another section of the plumbing, and I scrubbed out the pantry. It took me the better part of that five hours to clean the pantry. [you can see the pantry in Photos of the new place]

Yesterday, the husband had another list of things he needed from the hardware store. We woke up early and headed out there. Railroad tracks tore off our muffler and mangled our exhaust pipe into the rear axle. He cut off the section of pipe that was mangled. The shocks on that side are shot. We dropped our purchases off at the trailer, and headed home so he could get ready for work.

About five minutes after shift starts, he calls me to tell me they took lack of work, again. We headed back to the trailer, again. He built more of the plumbing and I spent about four hours scrubbing the kitchen cabinets, counter, wall, and ceiling opposite the sink. That’s the giant cabinet I plan on putting my pots and pans in and the one above it where I will probably keep plates, bowls, glasses, and mugs.

To be honest, I didn’t realize how much time it was going to take to scrub this place from top to bottom. I anticipate the kitchen is going to take me another two or three days. While it looks like my husband is going to have to rebuild the entire plumbing delivery system, he is fairly certain he will have finished it by the end of the weekend.

Today and tomorrow, they are going to decline lack of work if they are given the option. There is still a chance that they will be sent home anyways. I, personally, need a break from the bleach and have so much to get done around here. My son doesn’t manage to get nearly as many dishes done as I do, and God forbid anyone but me touch the laundry. hahaha I told my husband that I cannot go to the trailer, today, even if he ends up with lack of work.

All of this activity going on is hard on Bear B. He isn’t used to both his parents being gone all day. Last night, he had another seizure. This one was particularly bad. He was yelping and crying. Afterwards there was a lot of confusion. He didn’t recognize us and was frightened by the slightest of sound or movement.

Afterwards, when we went to bed, he did something entirely out of character for him. For the first time in his almost 8 years of life, he hopped up on the bed to sleep. I had to physically move him so that I could lay down. He hopped off the bed, waited for us to settle in, and then hopped up and curled up on my legs. I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t even settle down to go to sleep. He stayed for quite a while. I never stay still for long, so he eventually climbed down and wandered off to sleep on the floor somewhere.

The funny thing is, we’ve been trying for years to tell him he can sleep on the bed with us. We have a king sized bed, and I sleep over on my husband’s side of the bed all snuggled up. This leaves my entire side of the bed open for him to sleep on. Nope, he wanted to sleep on my legs, and, when I wouldn’t stay still, he ran off to pout.

It’s a slow process of bleaching and repairing our new home so that we can move in. There are still so many repairs and replacements that will need to be done after we’ve moved. If you’re interested in seeing the progress, I’ll be posting as we go. I’ll try to check in here as often as possible. Follow me on Instagram for photos of our progress, on Twitter for quick updates, and Facebook for my longer updates.



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