Photos of the new place

I promised I would get some pictures taken of the new place and share them with all of you. I finally got those pictures taken over the weekend. Things are really busy around here, and will be for at least the next month or so. Our goal is to be moved by June 1st.


I’ll start with the kitchen because that’s my favorite room. I can already picture myself cooking and baking in this beautiful kitchen.


Though technically in the dining room, this is the area of the kitchen that I am most excited about. I can see my small appliances up on those shelves, my mixing bowls down in the cabinets, and measuring spoons and cups and cookie cutters in those drawers. I can see my crock pot or bread machine sitting on that counter working away.





This is a shot of the whole kitchen from the living room.






This is that spacious cabinet that I was telling you about. That shelf in the back isn’t built in, so my husband says that he can build me any kind of shelving I want for in this cabinet. I’m thinking pots, pans, bakeware, and lids.






This is a shot of the kitchen from the dining area. Where the blue bin is, is where the gas hookup for the stove is. Where the lid is was already perfectly cut for a dishwasher. Husband says he just needs to cut a hole in the side of the cabinet and run the hoses. Until then, we’ll stash the garbage there to keep Bear B from digging.



You saw the hot pink door beside the refrigerator? This awesome pantry is hiding behind that door.

The access panel to the water heater is hidden inside the pantry. There are three shelves to the right, three shelves to the left, and a long shelf up above the ones to the left and the water heater access. I’ve never had a pantry, let alone one so large. I’m excited.

This closet is in the hallway near the laundry room. With all those shelves, I imagine we will store our linens here and possibly board games, too.

Living Room


This is the shot of the front door from the living room. The door on the left is the front door, the one on the right is the coat closet.




This is the living room from the front door.





This is the living room from the front bedroom.





Main Bathroom

The vanity in the main bathroom features these awesome corner cabinets hidden behind mirrors.IMG_2168

This is the shower head contraption that I am curious to try, but the husband isn’t certain that it will actually work. Ultimately, I’m sure that we will be replacing it completely.




Daughter’s Bedroom







The french doors to her bathroom need to be replaced. They cut the closet in half, leaving a nice alcove for her dresser to fit in and still plenty of closet to hang her clothes.

Our Bedroom







This will be our bedroom. This closet is much larger.


This beautiful picture light was left hanging on the wall. There appears to be a short somewhere in the wiring, but the husband says he thinks he can fix it.





This paneling covers one wall in our bedroom. I think it looks pretty, so we will probably leave it alone for the time being.




The good news is that, today, my husband managed to find a plumbing place that carries the size he needs. It took a lot of searching. We tried the usual suspects first, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware. None of them carried the size he needed. This past weekend, the guy at Ace suggested a specialty plumbing store nearby. They didn’t have it either. They recommended another place up the road. They had everything my husband needed and everything he could need as he is fixing the plumbing.

As you can see, it needs some work, but it is really a beautiful place. I will try to remember to take pictures and share them as we go along. I probably won’t make it here to post very often during the next month as we complete our move. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for all the latest updates.


5 thoughts on “Photos of the new place

    1. I do love the bathroom shelving. The hot pink door has to go. It is spray paint, and not even very well. 😂 However, it’s low on the priority list so it will be sticking around for a while.


    2. yay on your new place ! yellie has a pantry like that one they are amazing, the kids call it the store. the paneling looks like what we had on our kitchen, except ours had water wheels and wells on it I loved it
      i’m excited for you all have fun with it, it’s a lot of work, but so worth it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s a nice place. Hoping the work won’t be major (more than we can see) and that we can work quickly. We’ve agreed to be out of her by the 1st so the guy who bought the house at sheriff’s auction can take possession. We probably won’t be getting much sleep until we’re moved so that Clark can get work done before going to work. I just want to get in there and scrub, but the plumbing is slow go. Hoping to have all plumping problems fixed this weekend.


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