Day 2: better than yesterday

As is customary, I spent yesterday familiarizing myself with all the quirks of the house. We’ve got a toilet that won’t flush unless you hold the handle down and another that won’t fill if you don’t push the bulb down or won’t stop running if you don’t pull the bulb up. 

Yesterday, I unpacked the silverware and placed it in its new drawer home. Then, I closed the drawer, and it promptly fell into the cabinet. Discovered that if you went slowly and at the perfect angle it would stay in place. Today, I climbed into the cabinet (Bear B couldn’t find me, 😂), and I think I fixed it. I’ve slammed it a few times now (which I hope no one intends to do) and it has stayed on its track and not fallen in again. 

My seat while I fixed the drawer guide at the back of the cabinet

The stove isn’t hooked up, yet (we need a different sized adapter than we needed at the other house) so I’m using the slow cooker to cook our meals. Yesterday’s dinner was almost 2 hours late. First, the outlet I was plugged into was loose and the plug kept falling out. Then, I didn’t add enough liquid to properly cook the rice. My husband put a surge protector strip on that counter, plugged into the socket that isn’t loose. I’ve got venison (curtesy of our house guests 😊) slow cooking in there, now. It is going to be another rice night, because we haven’t had a chance to go shopping, yet. I do love that slow cooker. It’s a life saver in circumstances like these. 

There’s a dresser in the middle of my living room, and boxes stacked all over the place, but nothing above waist level, anymore. It was driving Clark crazy, so he reorganized so it wouldn’t feel nearly as crowded. 

I’m working my way through unpacking the kitchen boxes. Those are the most important ones in my eyes. Plus, that seems to be what we have the most of right now. 

Our guests have been really great. They help out in any way they can and everyone is getting along so well. It’s a bit crowded with six people, a 76 pound dog and a household’s worth of boxes stacked everywhere, but we’ll make it through. 

Overall, I would say that (like day one) day two is going pretty much as I would expect it to. The place has its quirks, but we expected that with a fixer upper. As we unpack and build our home, the quirks will become ours, too. 


Day 1 officially in the new place

The boxes aren’t piled as high today. When people walk in the door, I just wave and they can find me back here. 

I started working on putting away the dishes. Some have been in storage for a while, so this includes more scrubbing (like I haven’t scrubbed enough)

I got my silverware drawer all organized and perfect. Then, I went to close the drawer and it fell in. Pulled it out, examined it, and slid it back in again. The guide is made of plastic and the one side is pretty jacked up. For now, it goes in correctly so long as you’re gentle. 

I noticed we were pretty low on towels, so I threw a load in the washer. Still haven’t gotten ourselves a dryer, so I have towels hanging to dry. They’re going to be a little stiff because I forgot to buy fabric softener. I then found a box of summer clothes and ran those through the wash, too. It would be a little easier to hang dry the laundry if we’d thought to grab the bags of hangers out of storage. 

As I typed this, Bear B just figured out how to open the screen door and walked right on out. Thank goodness he listened when I told him to turn around and get back in the house. 

I’ve got steak in the slow cooker. The stove is here, but, of course, we need a different sized adapter before we can hook it up. I figure I’ll shred the steak and add rice and turn it into a rice casserole. First official dinner in the new place. 

All in all, I would have to say that it’s a pretty basic first official day in the new place. 

Moving: update

As many of you know, we’ve been in the process of sorting and packing up my husband’s granny’s belongings and clearing out her house. Simultaneously, we’ve been in the process of moving into our new home. 

Officially, we have moved in. Many  of our belongings made their way to storage and many more are stacked to the ceiling and scattered about. Slowly, I’m going to work on unpacking what is here. We know that many things are going to be in storage for a while (continue reading to see the twist that life has thrown us). 

We will slowly move things through the trailer and re pack what is headed into storage. We’re going to switch to a closer storage facility. They are a block from Clark’s work and offer 24 hour access (great for people who live the hours we do). It’s going to be a slow process, but we’ll get it done. 

there’s always a twist

I can honestly say that life has never gone smoothly. We’ve learned to just roll with the twists and turns that life throws us. 

We have a good friend whom we love and adore. He came over to help us pack and move. He had just lost his place to live. He and his girl had just landed in the homeless slot that we’d recently vacated. 

There was no question what we needed to do. We grabbed a queen sized mattress that belonged to Clark’s Granny, and we set them up on our bedroom floor. We can live out of suitcases and boxes as we figure things out. No way could we let them sleep in their car. 

It’s going to be tight. It’s going to get crowded. It’s an interesting way to adjust to living in a new place. 

Carpe Diem 

I believe we are all “color blind”…

Or, actually, nobody is. 

He sees brown, but I see gray.

This is our sheet set. I see gray with maybe a hint of pink. My husband sees brown the shade of homemade chocolate milk. 
I see so many This Color is Breaking the Internet posts like this Earthables post.  I see a beautiful turquoise green, by the way, and husband says it’s more of a swampy green. He also used the word gray to describe the green. I have never seen a green with gray before. 

What does this mean?

It means that like so many things in the world, we all see things a bit differently. So, the question is, is anyone actually color blind? Or did someone somewhere along the way just say, You see things differently than I do. Therefore, you are wrong. I will label you color blind. 

What an ugly thing labels are

How far back did humans begin finding reasons and ways to divide ourselves? When did we cease to just be people? How do we know how black or white a person actually is if we cannot see the same color? It’s just another way to divide the nations. Watch Bones and be reminded race is actually determined by bone structure NOT skin color. Also watch and be reminded we all really do look the same on the inside.

No one benefits

We probably all benefit from something that makes us different, and it causes another to feel hatred or jealousy towards us. This is what those original labels taught us to do. The first label was given. Probably, it was the simplest of things. It started with I’m hungry. One creature ate other creatures and those creatures started to team up to evade or take down the newly labeled shared enemy. 

Thus, humans came together. They began to team together for work. They bonded. Someone said, I’m in charge. Perhaps they took down the idiot who thought they would be in charge, or perhaps he or she was left in charge. Either way, it was the beginning of human separation. 


So, people evolved. Adaptation leads to evolution. In this case, they adapted by getting to know each other to work together as a tribe. As I pointed out above, someone became in charge. Maybe someone was elected? Maybe after working together they decided one guy had his stuff together. He really knew what he was doing. They just started following his lead. 

Language was developed. Probably started with pointing. Then grunting. Then sounds. Then words. Think of how a baby develops language. Eventually, they mimic our sounds which we have labeled English, Spanish, German, Italian, etc… And divide those into dialects, because she talks funny is just another label used to divide us. We teach our children each label when we teach them our word for it. 

Our 5 senses are just that, OURS

No matter if it’s the color we see, the sound of a baby crying, what our favorite meal tastes like, what that fresh cut grass smells like, or how ticklish we are. We all know somebody who sees, hears, tastes, smells, or feels it differently. Same goes for how we talk. Your own voice sounds different on a recording, right? 

Why? Because all of our senses are built only on perception. My brain transmits what it perceives my lenses to see. His transmits what his perceives. We are both nearsighted, yet we cannot just trade glasses. 

Add a filter

Lenses are just like filters. I added a filter to the original picture. 

Using the Autumn filter, I see a dark brown.

Using the Spring filter, I see a different shade of gray and much more pink.

Finally, using the summer filter, I have found a creamy chocolate.

It’s not quite the same color as chocolate milk, but it’s as close as I could get with my filters. Did they change for you?
Filters. They change your perception. If the lenses you’re looking through make you see something ugly, try a different outlook. Approach it from a different angle. How we think of each other and how we divide ourselves all comes down to perception. 

It’s not always easy. We all fall for some label. We assess the color of someone’s hair, their height or weight, etc… and we label them accordingly. Just as easy as we label a file. Just the way our brain labels the color we are seeing. 

Change your perception, change your world. 

Palmolive Fusion Clean is AMAZING!!

I don’t really do product reviews. I use the products I use, and don’t really give it much thought. I feel that Palmolive Fusion Clean deserves a moment of my attention. 

I initially picked up a bottle of this a few months back as part of a buy one get one free offer. My family has a tendency to skip the rinse, and the bottle promised to remove stuck on food that had been sitting for 24 hours. Palmolive is a trusted name in my house. I decided to give it a try. 

It works great on those stuck on foods my family forgot to rinse. Sometimes, I need to apply a little extra to my washcloth to get the really stuck on foods. I handcrocheted all of my washcloths, and they have great scrubbing abilities. 

Recently, I’ve been scrubbing our new place to clean it in preparation of moving in. I was dealing with a particularly disgusting kitchen and having a bit of trouble breaking through the grease and grime around the cooking area and the caked on food spills left to rot in an empty house for months. 

I’ve tried everything from all purpose to degreaser to bleach. I tried scouring pads, brushes, microfiber sponges, and regular sponges. Nothing was cutting through the grease and grime. Yesterday, my husband was running to the store for nails to finish replacing some floor boards and asked if I needed anything. I had him pick me up the Palmolive Fusion Clean (baking soda & grapefruit). 

I made a bucket of sudsy water (cold because we’re still without running water over there and hauling it in from here in jugs) and grabbed a microfiber sponge. I tackled the cooking area, stove alcove, and hood, which were all covered in so much grease that you could actually see it. It still took a lot of elbow grease, but it worked! Thanks to Palmolive Fusion Clean , my kitchen is almost clean!

It also comes in baking soda & lime, though I haven’t tried that one, yet. Like all Palmolive dish soaps, a little bit goes a long way. 

*Palmolive did not pay me for this review and, in fact, are probably unaware of its existence.