Moving on

Recently, we’ve been faced with a few hard choices to make. My husband won in court, proving that he was the rightful heir to his grandmother’s house and belongings. At the same time, the estate let the house fall into foreclosure. It sold in a sheriff’s sale around the same time as the judge made his final ruling.

We had to decide if we wanted to fight for the house, redeem the house, or relinquish the house to the gentleman who won it at auction. While we were debating which was our best option, we received a call from our back up plan. They have a trailer, it’s totally free with a $250 security deposit for the lot. The catch; it needs a bit of work.

Knowing we need to keep our options open, we decided to go and check it out. It was a mess. There was trash from one end of the trailer to the other. There was food left in the fridge and on the floors. Ultimately, it took almost a dozen trash bags when my husband headed over there to clean it out. Bless his heart that he went alone and not once has he complained.

Looking past the garbage, there was a collection of unfinished home improvement projects. They had started to lay Pergo flooring in the kitchen. It’s beautiful. They didn’t know what they were doing. There are gaps and skipped sections and loose boards allover.

The carpet in the front bedroom looks fairly new. It’s tacked down, but it’s not tucked. This carpet may be salvageable. The little half bath needs new tile and it needed a new faucet. The toilet leans a little to the left. There is a nice cabinet hung above the toilet. The french doors hang a little crooked and one falls off whenever you open it towards the bathroom. In the bedroom, a mini wall has been erected to divide the closet in half, leaving an alcove perfect for a dresser on one side and a nice sized closet on the other. The doors are gone but the tracks remained. I removed the tracks and we will be leaving it as an open alcove style closet for now. We always have the option to change our minds. There is a beautiful window composed of square foot blocks of glass. This will be a perfect room for our daughter.

Leaving her room, you enter the living room. It’s a decently sized square room. There is a window looking out over the porch and the front door. A little coat closet sits adjacent to the front door. The carpet is beat up and doesn’t cover the entire room. The little entry way features missing and broken tiles. There is another window directly across from the front entrance. It almost covers the entire wall.

From there, you enter the kitchen and dining area. Picture the kitchen as the tall part of an L and the dining area as the short horizontal piece. This is where my dreams start to come true. I can start to imagine working in this room. The dining room features this beautiful alcove with cabinets on the bottom, a counter, and then open shelves above. There is a wall socket above the counter. I can picture storing all of my wonderful kitchen appliances in this alcove. The counter is a perfect place to set up my slow cooker or my bread machine. With a good tub, I could even set my ice cream maker up over there.

The kitchen is long and efficient. On the right hand side, just around the corner from that beautiful alcove, is a decent sized counter with a large open cabinet below. A small shelf has been placed inside, but it’s not connected to anything. This space will be perfect for all my pots and pans, large and small. Above is regular cabinets with shelving. There is an electrical outlet.

To the left, walking into the kitchen with the dining room to your right, is the stove alcove. There is a hood with working fan and light and small cabinets above it. There is a counter with open space beneath. We assume they were considering putting in a dishwasher or perhaps stored a connect to the sink portable dishwasher in the space. It will be used to keep Bear B out of the trash until we do install a dishwasher. There are standard kitchen cabinets above the counter. There is a double sink after that. There is a window above the sink and florescent lighting hidden behind the paneling. There is an outlet on either side of the sink. There’s more counter space after that with cabinets above and below. The fridge is nestled between that counter and the wall. The fridge is a dream, featuring a right side fridge and a left side double freezer. There are tubs and baskets and storage spaces galore in there. Adjacent to the fridge at the very top of the L is a walk in pantry with shelving galore. The panel to the like new water heater is in this pantry.

From the kitchen, you go around the corner to the hallway. Just before you turn into the hallway, there is a closet with floor to ceiling shelving. Perfect for a linen closet and perhaps the copious amount of board games that we own. As you turn down the hall, the furnace closet is to the left. Beside that is the washer hook-up followed by the dryer hook-up. Unfortunately, I will need a new dryer because it is electric hook-up and mine is gas. Above that is standard laundry room cabinetry. Across from the laundry area is a nice sized window.

To the right is a second door to outside. The backdoor, so to speak. This will probably be Bear B’s door. To the left is the bathroom and straight ahead is a bedroom. When you walk into the bathroom, the toilet is to the left and the shower against the far wall after that. Directly across from the doorway is the sink. It has decent counter space. The selling point is the corner cabinets with lots of shelving inside and mirrored doors. The floor is covered in mismatched tiles and a few of them are missing. The shower has two shower heads, and I look forward to giving it a try.

Lastly, we come to the back bedroom. This will be my husband’s and mine. Currently, the carpet covers about 3/4ths of the room. They were attempting to build some strange platform in the closet. I’m not really sure what that’s about, but the building materials for it are good, and they never actually nailed it into place, so my husband will be able to repurpose a lot of it.

When they turned the water on, plumbing started to blow from the pressure. We will need to replace most if not all of it. The ceiling is soft in places and there have definitely been some leaks. My husband is just going to replace all of the ceiling. Taking it down will allow him to check for mold and leaks from the inside. Almost all of the windows and frames need to be replaced.

You have to be able to see the dream. As you can tell by my colorful description, the kitchen is where I live my dream in a home. Everyone has that one spot that makes a home theirs. This kitchen is absolutely perfect to me, or so I’m imagining. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done before we move in. The plumbing needs to be fixed, the ceilings need to be removed so we can be certain there is no mold, and the place needs to be scrubbed from top to bottom. Everything else can be done after we move in.

I am blessed to have a husband who knows what he’s doing. He’s worked on many crews over the years learning many different bits of the trade. Those jobs may not have been the perfect fit for him, but they prepared him for this next project.

It’s sad to be walking away from his grandmother’s home. It’s hard to decide to let it go. I know that it must be incredibly painful and difficult for him. Our daughter is going to have a hard time leaving behind the place that holds all her memories with her great-grandmother. This is all especially hard having spent the last year of her life living here and caring for her.

But we know that we have to move on. It’s time to leave that part of our lives behind us. It’s time to get on with rebuilding our lives and starting over. Does our new place have its downfalls? Sure. There is a lot of work that needs to go into it. There is only two bedrooms, leaving our son to crash in the living room for the time being. It’s  a fresh start. It’s a new beginning. It’s what we need.

I will try to remember to take some pictures this weekend when we head out there to (hopefully) get some more work done. Keep an eye on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates on our progress.



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