TBT: Have you seen Blue?

You know me. I’m not very trendy. I don’t participate in things like Throwback Thursday very often. I just don’t think about it, really.

Last night, I came across this video in my Facebook newsfeed. If you had a child in the nineties or were born in the nineties, chances are you know the iconic blue puppy and her owner Steve.

My son was born in ’97. Nick Jr. was often on the TV while my toddler son played on the living room floor. Being honest, it was mostly me watching. He’d occasionally look up from his line of toys, usually matchbox cars or blocks and occasionally both. That’s how he played. Making perfect lines as far around the house as they could go, lining up each toy and adjusting until it was absolutely perfect before moving on to the next.

He didn’t really engage in the TV shows the way they were intended. He didn’t sing for Backpack as Dora and Boots asked for help, though Backpack was definitely his favorite character. He rolled his eyes and went back to playing while the map sang it’s annoying ditty. He had a good laugh when they encountered things like the giant chicken, and he always wanted Mom to do the chicken dance, but he never participated himself.

Blue’s Clues Intro

As soon as they announced that it was time for Blue’s Clues, he’d abandon whatever he was into. He’d be glued to the TV. He’d respond to Steve’s questions, he’d shout when he found a clue, and he’d get up and skidoo with Steve regularly. He was engaged. He even had  his own designated thinking chair. Steve Burns did an awesome job of reaching out through the TV and making it feel like you were a part of something. Often times, I’d find myself replying, too.

The Moth Presents Steve Burns: Fameishness

Steve Burns talks about being that person to millions of kids around the world and what happened when he became one of People Magazine‘s most eligible bachelors including his date with a Playboy Bunny.  Steve Burns is still an awesome entertainer.

Now it’s time for so long

My son’s nineteen now, but he still gets a smile on his face whenever something Blue’s Clues related comes up. It’s that same grin he had when he was just a toddler. I hope I have put a similar smile on many of your faces.

Now it’s time for so long, but we’ll sing just one more song. Thanks for doing your part, you sure are smart…


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