Did you miss me?

I haven’t posted in what feels like forever. I’ve been sick as a dog recently. Some days, I couldn’t even get out of bed. I won’t waste time with the details. The good news is that I am on the mend.

As you know, my husband inherited his grandmother’s house. It was a long and drawn out court battle to get the judge’s ruling and therefore possession of the house. It has been nothing but more frustration since we won in court.

First, the executor of the estate was not paying any of the bills for the estate. Instead, she let the house go into foreclosure. It was literally sold in a sheriff’s auction downstairs at the same time as we were in an upstairs courtroom winning our case.

We do have options. One, we could fight it. As the rightful heir, my husband was not given the opportunity to take control of the mortgage. We may even be able to get the sheriff’s sale rescinded. But that will take more time and more court battles.

There is also the little problem of the county saying that Granny did not own the home. Instead, my husband’s grandfather is still the rightful owner. He died back in 1997. This means that the sheriff’s sale cannot possibly be legitimate because Granny couldn’t have taken out a mortgage on property that she did not own. But that takes time to prove and may also result in more court battles.

The third option is to just walk away. We just give it to the guy who bought it at the sheriff’s sale. No more fighting, no more court battles, no more of our lives wasted battling what has proven to be a war we cannot win.

We had been planning for back up options in case we did not win in court. We’ve continued to work with these back up options in light of the fact that the house was lost due to foreclosure. We technically have a year from the time of the sheriff’s sale until we have to relinquish the property to the new owners.

Yesterday, my husband received a phone call about a handyman special trailer in a nearby trailer park. We’ve already been approved for the park. Preemptive planning has brought us this far.

We went and looked at the trailer today. To be honest, it looks like the previous owner took on too many home improvement projects at once and got in over their heads. There is a lot of work to be done.

The park is offering the trailer to us for free. We will be owners. They are offering two months no  lot rent so that we can spend the money doing the needed repairs.

The floors are unfinished, there is a wall that needs to be replaced, and there is some electrical work that needs to be done. The previous residents were complete slobs. There is pizza slices, chicken bones, and various other food items scattered throughout the place. The amount of filth and yuck that has built up around the edges makes me wonder if they ever used a broom or mop. My husband has the know how on the repairs, and we certainly know how to do a deep cleaning.

The other downside is that it is only a two bedroom. This means that our son will be without his own room. That’s pretty sucky. I’ve been doing some research and trying to figure out how we could build him a temporary bedroom. The best option would be Everblocks. I’ve recently seen a video where they used the lego like blocks to build two bedrooms out of one. I checked into it, and it would cost between $1200 and $1500 to get the number of blocks we need. Overall, that’s not bad. But it’s a bit more that we have to spare with all the other home repairs that need to be done.

We did go ahead and make the deposit. A little money down, and we have the keys to start doing some work. They will hold onto the deposit and give us a little time to change our minds if it turns out to be more work than it is worth.

Our thought is that we can fix it up while we live there and start saving some money at the same time. Then, we can give it to our boy when we move out, sell it, or stay in it for as long as we like. It’s a stepping stone. A move towards getting on with the rest of our lives.

Wish us luck as we make our way into this newest chapter of our lives. It’s going to be an adjustment. There is definitely going to be a lot of hard work to do.

Here we go….


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