Bear B update

We’ve been pretty busy around here. Claiming the house, cleaning the house, and trying to sort out all the stuff that goes along with it. During all of this, I did actually talk with the vet about Bear B and his new medication. He seems to be tolerating the new meds pretty well. 

Bear B has been on the Keppra XR for two weeks, now. Today, we start reducing his phenobarbital. The vet has me cutting his pill in half. He now takes the Keppra and half a phenobarbital twice daily. 

If he does well on the reduction, we will keep him on the half dosage twice daily for two weeks. After that two weeks, the plan is to go down to half a pill once daily for two more weeks. 

If he handles all of this well, and pending blood work the vet wants to run at the end there, he will completely stop taking the phenobarbital. 

The hope is that his liver, which is doing very poorly, will begin healing itself as we reduce the phenobarbital load on his liver.

He’s been feeling pretty crappy, lately. We are praying that he starts feeling better quickly. I’m researching liver diets for dogs to supplement his diet and help his liver to cleanse and heal as the phenobarbital slowly leaves his system. 


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