Busy busy

Recently, the judge finally made a ruling on my husband’s claim to his grandmother’s house. The judge ruled that she did, in fact, want him to have the house and all of her belongings. 

Granny grew up during the Great Depression. She then became a military wife. Over the years, she left many things behind as duty stations changed. 

Over the years, her husband brought her many beautiful things back from his deployments. She managed to hang on to many of them. 

This house was the first (and only) home they owned. Granny began saving everything after moving here. This includes the items shed managed to save through the years of changing duty stations and military housing. 

We’ve been dividing everything into what we are keeping and everything else. The everything else is headed to storage where the remainder of the family will have the opportunity to choose any items they wish to keep. 

I’m sore and tired, but I’ve got lots of really cute items to decorate my home with once we’ve settled things. 

The plan is to prepare the house for sale and ultimately move on from here. Move on with our lives. 

For more great photos of the cute things I’ve found, check out my Instagram


2 thoughts on “Busy busy

  1. Get those items priced by an authentic antique person!!! Insurance purpose mainly!! See-prayers work-this is part of your new vibrations from God!! Bless Be-daughter!!!

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    1. We’re still sorting out what all we need to do. It’s amazing how much one person can collect in a lifetime! We’ve barely touched the kitchen (my domain) yet. I’m excited to find out all that she has hidden in that magical room. 😄


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