Bear B update #adventuresofbearb

I am currently writing this on my iPhone while a storm is raging outside. I decided not to pull out my laptop during such nasty weather. Blogging is just about the only thing I don’t do on this device. I feel limited within the app. 

Anyways, I finally reached someone at the vet’s office yesterday. Bear B’s thyroid is fine. That means that the phenobarbital is what is affecting his t4. We already knew it was affecting his liver. 

The vet called in a prescription for Keppra XR. Bear B takes this medication twice daily, just like the phenobarbital. It is about twice the size of the phenobarbital. After he has taken it for a week, I’m supposed to call the vet to discuss weening him off the phenobarbital. 

The liver is the starfish of the body. It can heal itself and regrow tissue as needed. The hope is that he can be completely weened off the phenobarbital and use the Keppra only. 

The side effects are minimal. The cost is outrageous. Thank goodness for The pharmacist told me that the total cost was going to be almost $300. That is for a one month supply of medication. No way could we afford that. Thanks to the coupon printed off at, we payed a total of $24. 

Hoping that this new medication brings  a turn around in Bear B’s health and happiness as well as longevity. Keppra is not known to shorten the life expectancy of your dog the way phenobarbital can. I’m excited for the potential of many more years with my fur baby. 

I will keep you posted as he adjusts to his new medication and we eliminate his old. See Bear B in action by following #adventuresofbearb across social media ~or~ follow me on any or all of my pages: TwitterFacebookInstagram, or Pinterest as well as here on my blog. 


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