Happy Birthday Birthday Girl!

Today is our little girl’s eleventh birthday. It’s hard to believe so much time has passed. Of course, my Facebook news feed chose a picture from her forth birthday as my on this day photo. I still can’t believe how much she has grown.


We let her open her presents before daddy and brother had to leave for work. She is currently chilling beside me, Xbox controller in her hand, playing the new game we bought her.

I’m almost lost this year just as I was last year. For everybody else’s birthday, it’s my job to bake a cake and cook a dinner. That’s always been my role on birthdays. Last year, my daughter decided she was ready to start making her own birthday dinner and baking her own birthday cake.

We are postponing the dinner and cake until the weekend so that we can enjoy her birthday together. We figured the boys would be too tired on a work night and we stay up later on weekends, leaving time for dessert.

Tonight, I’m making an easy dinner of chicken fajitas. I told her that they will be like a second birthday dinner. I do get to have a nice sized role in this year’s birthday dinner. She wants beef stew pot pies. She wants to use my beef stew recipe, and she wants to make everyone individual hand pies for the pot pies. I get the task of adapting my recipe for her to follow.

We have decided that we are going to cook the stew in the slow cooker. Usually, I use my cast iron dutch oven to cook my stew, but it’s in storage, currently. She chose chocolate cake with dark chocolate fudge icing and chocolate sprinkles for her cake. She picked scooperman ice cream to go with. (I don’t like scooperman, and the idea of it with chocolate was absolutely appalling to me, so I bought some french vanilla, too.)

My kids are growing up on me. They need me less and less as days go by. It’s the hardest part of being a parent. All we can do is hold on tightly as we prepare them for the world, and when they are ready to try their wings, we just have to let them fly, be there to catch them if they fall, and be proud when they soar. It’s our job to let them go.

Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!

For those who have been following along, Bear B has been seizure free for over 24 hours!


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