The giveaway is finally here!

100 Followers Celebration


As promised, I have finally figured out how to setup the giveaway celebrating 100 followers on my blog. Don’t follow my blog? That’s okay. There’s still lots of great ways for you to enter.

Prize package:


This prize package features a collection of great prizes. Each of the books will be autographed copies.

  1. Not Your Grandma’s Granny Square blanket, crocheted by Tiffany
    measures approximately 48” x 48”
    It features lots of colors in log cabin style

  2. Bully Troubles, by Tiffany A Higgins
    This is an early reader chapter book that approaches the subject of bullying
    It features black and white illustrations at the beginning of every chapter

  3. Monster Beneath by Bed, by Tiffany A Higgins
    This picture book explores the fear of the dark and fear of monsters with an aim at teaching kids there is nothing to be afraid of.
    It features bright, colorful illustrations on each page.

  4. I Love the Changing Seasons, by Tiffany A Higgins
    This picture book is a winner of the 2013 KART Kids Book List Award in creative storytelling.
    It features soft, water color illustrations and borders on every page.

  5. We’ve Seen Santa, by Tiffany A Higgins
    This picture book follows a couple of kids as they embark on an adventure to catch jolly old St. Nick in their house while they are supposed to be sleeping.
    It features colorful illustrations drawn and colored with colored pencil.

  6. Child Eater, by Tifanne Messer
    This one is not a children’s book.
    It’s a little something for Mommy and/or Daddy to read while their little one is reading or napping.

For more information about any of these books, including where to purchase them, read Check out these great children’s books.

Easy to Enter:

In order for your entry to count, you must enter on gleam

Choose any (or all) of the following to obtain entries:

  • Follow this blog
  • Write a comment on this post
  • Write a blog post
  • Visit a Facebook page
  • Share this post with the following tweet
    @TiffanyHigginsw‘s hosting a #giveaway
    #Win a #crochet #blanket and a set of #childrensbooks
  • Follow on @TiffanyHigginsw on Twitter
  • Share on Instagram
    Share pictures of your favorite pets doing their favorite things
    Share a picture from this post
    Use #AdventuresofBearB and #giveaway
    Tag @tiffanyhiggins_author

Terms and conditions:

Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

The winner will be required to provide their mailing address in order to receive their prize package. Failure to do so within 30 days will forfeit your winnings.

There will be one winner selected. This contest is open from February 6th at 10:00 am until February 28th at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time.

The winner will be selected on or after March 1st, and announced/contacted on or around March 3rd.

Full disclosure, this is my first time using gleam, and I am not 100% certain how things actually work over there. If you’re feeling lucky, click here for multiple chances to win. Good luck!


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