My ever growing social media presence

It still amazes me how my followers have grown since I first began this journey last July. Almost 150 followers across social media. Often times, I come across something that I want to share while visiting my social media pages. At times this is as easy as a retweet or share right there on whichever social media page I happen to be on at the time. Sometimes, I take a picture or have a thought that I want to share right away. I post them to Facebook, Twitter, or both.

As I watch my followers grow across social media, I decided that I need a place that is my go to for sharing images. Instagram is designed for that very purpose. I have been working all week on building my page over there. I have also been working really hard on making sure I stop by on all my social media pages a little more often. I’m still learning how to interact with each of them.  The introvert in me has left me with no desire to learn how to use all of these sites, however the author I am requires that I do it anyways.

For those of you who like my recipes you may find my Pinterest page of interest. I try to remember to save recipes I want to try or those I’ve really enjoyed on my Pinterest page. Sometimes, I just scroll through and see what’s new over there. I also try to remember to post my recipe posts over there, but I have to do it manually, so I do often forget.

Amazon even offers you the opportunity to follow me on my author page, which my blog is linked to, but I’m not entirely certain how that actually works. I’d love to hear from anyone who knows.

You can follow me any or all of these sites, including right here on the blog if you find the follow button located either to the right or bottom of this page, depending on your device and settings.


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