Overtired and Stretched Thin

With everything that has been going on around here, I haven’t been getting much sleep. Even when we get to bed at a decent hour, I lay there for what feels like forever. I stare out into the blackness, my mind thinking on a zillion different things.

Last night, we stayed up extremely late. We stayed up until the sun was coming up. We have a bit to get done this weekend, but we decided to just sleep in and see what happens. Of course, crawling into bed past five am means that we overslept today.

Woke up today after what was allegedly a full night’s sleep feeling more drained and exhausted than when I went to bed. I know I didn’t lay there as I usually do. I know that I was so exhausted that I couldn’t hear the thoughts fighting for my attention as I drifted off.

I’m overwhelmed by everything I need to get done. I need to manage my time so much differently than I have been. I need to put my nose to the grindstone and find us a new place to live, work on three different book ideas that I’ve been tossing around, homeschool my daughter, show the house we’ve been staying in to potential buyers whenever they may show up, keep up with my household and familial duties, plan a move and figure out how we are going to finance that move. This includes trying to bring in extra income through freelancing and my eBay sales. I’ve also been trying to increase sales for the books. Whatever it takes, right?

Monday, I will begin doing what I do best, writing things down. I’d call it making a list, but that would be the biggest lie I tell you. It starts off as a list. Then, I move on to the next list. It starts off similar to what I learned in school for organizing a research paper. (topic 1, subtopic 1, supporting points, topic 2, etc…) Then, something I write in one of those later topics triggers a thought for an earlier topic, it gets noted to the side, and I ultimately end up with a list overrun with notes. That’s just my writing process.

I’ve been feeling stretched a little thin these days, feeling overtired and overwhelmed. Feeling a need to figure out a better way, but a little unsure of where to start. I know I need to plan my time and get into a routine so that things will run a whole lot smoother.

We’re spending the weekend knocking off some important things from the things to do list that are one and done, cross them off of my list. Maybe Monday I’ll put in my earbuds, put on some iTunes, and tune out the world around me for a bit. I’ll get myself organized and feel a little more centered.

What do you do to get organized and recenter yourself?



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