Something has got to go right, right?

There are so many things going on at once around here. We’ve got things going wrong left and right. We are in the process of trying to find a new place. 

Our needs aren’t out of reach. We need a place that is affordable, preferably with 3 bedrooms. We need a place near enough to my husband’s work so that he’s not spending copious amounts of his check filling his gas tank. And, we need someplace that will allow Bear B. He’s only 65 pounds of mostly fluff. He’s a border collie/chow chow hybrid. Neither of those breeds is on any banned list (although I don’t believe ANY breed should be on any banned list, because, like children, puppies are innocent until someone teaches them to be otherwise). Most people think he is much larger. The average person guesses he’s between 90 and 95 pounds. It’s all the fur that comes from his chow chow mother. 

So, like I said, our needs aren’t much. We are currently applying for residency nearby. It fits our needs perfectly. We are awaiting to be approved. Neither of us have the greatest of credit. Mostly, it’s those stupid student loans we took out to get degrees in fields that seem to either not exist or not have the need for people that was claimed when we signed up. Student loans we may NEVER be able to afford to pay back with the job market being what it is and wages barely covering the cost of living for most Americans. 

I’m not much for praying, but I am praying now. Praying that we hear back quickly and that the words we hear are you’re approved. I’m praying that we will find the money we need to finance this move. We’ve needed to move for some time. We’ve need to get a place of our own. We’ve been playing caretaker to my husband’s grandmother’s estate since she passed away last year. Before that, I was her primary live in caregiver while she was sick. We’ve put our lives on hold for almost two years, now. 

Truth is, I feel like it’s gotta be our turn. I feel like we have given and given, receiving nothing in return. I’m ready to cash in on all the good I’ve done. Is that a thing? Does anyone know where the good deed bank is? I need to make a withdrawal. 

I wish I knew a thing or two about using GoFundMe (or something like that) to obtain needed funds… However, I’m not above collecting prayers. If you happen to be having a conversation with God, could you ask Him to look out for my family and help us move on to the next chapter in our lives? 


11 thoughts on “Something has got to go right, right?

  1. I know the feeling. I have been unemployed properly since 2015 and am trying to find work but things keep falling through. I am now having to try and get some money fundraised to be able to attend my family events this year which would mean the world to be. Did I also mentioned last year (at the age of 30) was diagnosed with early onset arthritis and straight spine. I didnt even get to celebrate my 30th because I was unemployed and didnt want to put anyone out 😦 Life really does kick you in the ass but I am still helping people out no matter what πŸ™‚ I will help anyone out if I can even though my life is rather crap right now πŸ™‚

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    1. That’s part of where we were. My husband lost his job when caring for his grandmother became too much for me to handle alone. That was just before Christmas 2015. He just recently found a new job and we are trying to get back on our feet, but the savings are long gone and he hasn’t been working long enough to have enough saved to finance this move, but we’ve gotten to the point where we need to move.
      I wish you much luck with your medical and employment issues. Life really does like to kick you when you’re down. I keep praying that 2017 will be better than 2016 & 2015.

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      1. Me two. LAST YEAR i was also registered with an agency that treated me wrong. I am now waiting on clearences for a job but they lost the forms. I have store card debts thatnever seem to go down. I Havent been on a holiday in years as i always make sure everyone else is able to have one. I always put everyone first but I will always be there with a kimd word or advice ormoney if I have it. There is so much that I need but i dont lile to burden others lol i hate saying the word no which is my problem x if you ever need to talk feel free to message me x

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      2. That’s me too. Give and give, never asking for anything in return. The few times we’ve asked for a helping hand this year, it has backfired and cost us a great deal. We’ve kind of hit the point where we are saying “no” because we just can’t give anymore. We simply have nothing my left. Even emotionally, I’m just drained, completely empty. It’s a foreign feeling to me, but I have read that if it’s all give and no receive then emotionally you can become unable to give anymore. Some days, it feels like I don’t even have anything left for myself.

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