Winter’s Respite Readathon mid-event check-in

This is my official check in for the Winter’s Respite readathon. If you follow me around social media, then you may be aware that I have been absolutely failing at getting any reading done.

I’ll pick up the book I am currently reading, The Indian in the Cupboard, and my mind will promptly wander off. I will read a sentence or two and then I’m off working on another project.

I did manage to finally settle my brain and get some reading done last night. I’m not sure if it is ultimately going to end up counting as readathon reading. See, the rules are pretty simple. Relax and read when and where you can. At least one of the books you choose to read during the readathon must be an adult novel.

If I cannot manage to finish the children’s book I’m reading, I will never move on to another. I cannot have more than one book going at the same time. I start and finish one book. The only exception to that rule is when I have a book full of short stories, I may read one or two stories out of it before picking up a novel and, when the novel is complete, pick up the collection of short stories with the next story.

As for the reading, I made it all the way to chapter 9. This is about halfway through the book. Omri’s best friend, Patrick, has just shown his true colors. As I read it, I’m thinking with friends like that… I wonder if as a child I picked up on the fact that his friend wasn’t a good friend at all. I bet that, back then, my focus was on wishing for my own magic cupboard and looking at my own plastic toys to decide which one’s I would place into the magic cupboard and bring to life.

Even as I write this, I know that I am not going to end this post by getting back to my book. I know that I am going to find a million other things that require my attention and a million things that steal my attention.

For those of you participating, how is your progress going at this mid-event check-in?


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