Is a New Year really a NEW chapter?

I’m not quite settling into the new year like I wish. I mean, in theory, it’s just another year. More of the same old same old of years passed. What makes the end of the old and beginning of the new so difficult?

Really, nothing changed besides the fact that we’ve been going through this crazy schedule change. The battles that began last year did not magically disappear. The bills still arrive at the same time every month. Their due dates remain unchanged.

So, why does it feel like I’m lacking the motivation to begin a new year? Is it the simple fact that nothing has changed? Is it that I don’t feel anything special in the changing of the year? I mean, honestly, I’ve never understood why people act like a new year is going to bring so much change. The biggest change of the new year is remembering to write 17 instead of 16 while writing the date.

Here I sit, wanting to impart some piece of wisdom about this new year. I want to have something witty to say about how great the new chapter is going to be. Truth is, my writer’s brain just doesn’t see new chapters or new books that begin just because it is a new month or a new year. My writer’s brain ends my chapters as major life events come to an end or change. This just wasn’t the case for my new year. Nothing ended. Nothing began. Nothing changed.

How, then, is this a new chapter? It almost feels like trying to end and begin a chapter mid sentence. Mid thought. Mid event. That’s just not how it’s done. Maybe I’m not struggling to bring in the new year, after all. Maybe it just flowed in quietly, in the middle of a chapter, with all of the pomp and circumstance of a blade of grass growing.

How about you? Did new year bring in a new chapter for you?


3 thoughts on “Is a New Year really a NEW chapter?

  1. Hey Tiffany,

    As usual loved reading your post…and i agree with you that this new year feels just like the last one and the one before that and the previous one and the obe before that too. New Year’s eve and celebrating the arrival of the new year is a ritual that we have all gotten used to. The ending if one year and the beginning of another is just taxes and death. Inevitable. Whether you mourn or celebrate, it does not matter to the turning of the calendar!

    Another year in another part if the world another writer was thinking of something similar with a different spin:

    Uncanny how the same things touch writers….

    Keep writing, keep breathing.



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