Just one girl’s late night (early morning?) thoughts

So, I was browsing through WordPress and reading through posts tagged homeschool (because I’m totally an island here and unsure which direction is land). I saw so many posts, so many families. Some were just announcing their journey into homeschooling while others spoke of yet another adventure or misadventure in homeschooling. I found inspiration along the way (both for homeschooling and this blog post). 

It occurred to me that there are many of us. We all came to homeschooling for different reasons. Some are here by choice while others, like my family, landed here through necessity. There are so many stories out there (share yours in the comments section). Our numbers continue to grow. This caused me to ask the question: Are we returning to the olden days?

In the olden days, focus was put into hands on learning. Learning life, survival, basic living. In the olden days, families worked together to keep the house functioning, to keep businesses afloat. Children learned basic skills such as reading, writing, and math while they were young, and when they became old enough they learned the family business. This was before children were placed into school houses. Before you required a degree to perform a job. You want to know how a job is done? Then go out and find someone in that profession willing to teach you. That was that. You learned a skill from a parent or a mentor. You learned a job. You took that knowledge and you did that job wherever you chose to set up shop. 

Could we be shying away from institutions (institutionalization)? Is free thinking the wave of the future? Now if only we could fix the economic system to make it easier for families to keep a parent at home…


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