new year, new idea

I decided that the beginning of the year was an excellent time to revamp my blog. I’ve changed around some of the design. I also took the time to rewrite my meet me page. I have no intention of changing my content. This would be rather impossible considering that I write whatever is on my mind.

Along with the new year came a new idea. I have noticed that my recipes seem to be one of the most popular parts of my blog. I’ve posted some of my family’s favorites. I’ve posted a few of my own original recipes. I still have many, many more.

That’s where this new idea comes in. I was thinking that while I continue to post some great recipes here, I will gather up many more and compile a cookbook. If I manage to come up with enough recipes (and remember to take the pictures, too), then I believe I can come up with a great cookbook.

I am not giving up on my books, and I have not given up on the idea of writing more children’s books for my husband to illustrate. I think a cookbook would be a great addition to my growing collection of published works.

What do you think?


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