Handcrafted gift from the heart…

We don’t have a television provider. We use Netflix to get our tv fix. This generally results in binge watching television. 

My daughter crocheted me a gift for Christmas this year. It came with the explanation that I watch a lot of doctor shows. Between the medical dramas and the crime shows featuring autopsies, I suppose there have been a lot of doctors on the tv lately. (I’m currently rewatching House from the beginning)

For this reason, she crocheted me a brain. She says it’s a stress brain and I should squeeze it like a stress ball when they are all stressing me out. 

I think it’s absolutely adorable! I love the brain. It’s my favorite part of the body. I’ve studied the hell out of that fascinating organ. There’s always so much more to learn about it. 

The thoughtfulness that went into making this gift is amazing. She thought about who I am and what I enjoy. She also considered the fact that being a mom is stressful. She made me a perfect gift. 

She freehand crochets everything she makes. I’ve shown her patterns and attempted to teach her how to read them. She’s not interested. I’ve shown her YouTube videos of crochet projects. Even though she loves YouTube, she shows no interest in someone else’s ideas and tutorials. She just sees it in her mind, and creates it. 

Best Christmas gift ever! 
What was the best gift that you received this year? 


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