When people aren’t who they claim to be…

I’ve got this friend. I’ve known her for what seems like forever, now. She’s one of those people who has a public personality and a private one. 

Publicly, she acts like she is a caring, compassionate person. She pretends to be accepting of everyone. Her Facebook reads like an equal rights activist. 

This past year, I learned that she is actually an extremely prejudice and hateful person. I’ve seen how terribly she treats people who are disabled. I’ve seen how disgustingly she acts towards gays. 

Considering that both of my children have a disability and my son is openly gay, how can I continue to be friends with her? Recently, she posted something to her Facebook about how special needs children aren’t weird. She posted about inclusion and compassion. I’m sure you’ve seen the meme. I wanted to scream. 

Lately, it is getting harder and harder to not call her out on the disgustingness of her true character. I want to publicly shame her for the things I have seen her do with my own eyes. To tell everyone what she really says when no one can hear her. 

Lucky for her, I’m not that kind of person. I don’t publicly shame people. If I loved you once, I’ll love you always. I don’t want to hurt her. The best I can think of to do is remove her from my Facebook. I think it is time for her to take her exit. 

Maybe it’s my birthday. Maybe it’s the fast approaching New Year. Maybe it is all the other changes happening in my world. I don’t think I want her to be a part of the next phase of my life. I don’t feel she deserves to be included in whatever comes next. 

Never feel guilty for removing toxic people from your life, right? She is definitely a toxic person. I try to be kind and caring and accepting of everyone and every thing. Maybe this is how she has stayed in my life so long. It’s okay to walk away from people who no longer walk the same path as you. It’s okay to move on. 


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