Drumroll please…

I finally got around to making that throw pillow I have been talking about since March. This first one is for my daughter. She selected the t-shirt and the yarn. I love working with variegated yarn. I love how the color intersperses throughout the work.

Dreamcatcher Throw Pillow
I started it last night. I spent most of the evening and into the morning working on it. (blog post coming on our new insane hours at the Higgins’ household). I had just a little bit to finish up this afternoon. Overall, I can complete a pillow in a day or two tops.


Back of Dreamcatcher Throw Pillow
My next project is my son’s throw pillow. He selected a really awesome t-shirt that he loved to death and wore anytime it was clean, until sadly he outgrew it. He has been hanging on to it ever since, perhaps hoping that he will fit into it once again. This is not likely to happen as he is fast approaching six feet tall and built like a linebacker. Now, he gets an excuse to keep it forever. He’s geeked. He even went through my yarn to find what he thought would be the perfect color to compliment his favorite t-shirt. I will post pictures when I finish that one.



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