Cyber Monday

Did you know there are only 26 days left until Christmas? This year has practically flown by! Cyber Monday is the day designated to holiday shopping online. You can find some really great deals around the internet. Every year, Santa brings our kids two books. One that is Christmas themed and one that is from their favorite genre or series.

We have a great holiday special going on from now until the end of December. Read In anticipation of Christmas to find out how you can get 5% off when you purchase any of our children’s books directly through CreateSpace.



Amazon is a well loved place to visit when looking for a wide variety of gifts, including books. They are offering free shipping on orders with at least $25 worth of books right now. They also offer Amazon Prime which gives you unlimited free two-day shipping, access to thousands of movies and shows, and free reading in the kindle library. Amazon even offers gift wrapping.

We’ve Seen Santa is a great children’s story that follows a brother and a sister as they sneak downstairs to try and catch a peek of the jolly red elf himself. Read about their unforgettable Christmas in this colorfully illustrated book.

Available in print or kindle formats.

I Love the Changing Seasons is colorfully illustrated in watercolor. It follows all the changing seasons through fun rhymes. Children will enjoy learning about all the wonderful changes each season brings.

Available in print or kindle formats.

Monster Beneath my Bed is a mostly true story about the monster that we discovered lurking under our daughter’s bed. It features bold, colorful illustrations. Follow one little girl as her imagination runs wild in the dark. Children will be delighted by the surprise ending.

Available in print or kindle formats.

Bully Troubles is our first chapter book. It features ink drawings at the beginning of every chapter. The stars of the book are inspired by our dog, Bear, and our cat, Stone. They are struggling to be the new pets in town. Not everyone is welcoming. Can they defeat the bullies without becoming bullies themselves?

Available in print or kindle formats.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble has always been synonymous with books. With their coffee shop and welcoming atmosphere, they are many book lovers’ favorite place to go. They have a great selection and a beautiful children’s section. I personally can get lost in there for hours (and I hate shopping). However, this is cyber Monday, and they have a wide online selection. Barnes & Noble offers free shipping on eligible orders over $25. Our books are all eligible for the free shipping.

We’ve Seen Santa

I Love the Changing Seasons

Monster Beneath my Bed

Bully Troubles

Head on over to your favorite online book retailer and order your books by Tiffany A Higgins illustrated by her husband Clark L Higgins.



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