In anticipation of Christmas

Today’s The Daily Post word prompt word is anticipation. This word is actually coming at a perfect time. In anticipation of Christmas, I have been working on setting up some discounts for all of our children’s books.

Books make a great Christmas gift for loved ones young and old.

We’ve Seen Santa

We’ve Seen Santa is a great book to read to little one’s on Christmas Eve while they are full of excitement in anticipation of Santa Claus’s arrival. Children will delight in hearing about this brother and sister sneaking out of their bedrooms to catch a glimpse of the jolly elf as he fills their stockings and nibbles on the cookies they left out for him.

*also available on Amazon or Barnes&Noble*

I Love the Changing Seasons

I Love the Changing Seasons is a winner of the 2013 KART Kids Book List Award for creative storytelling. This book will take children through all the changing seasons and the fun that comes along with each season change.

*also available on Amazon or Barnes&Noble*

Monster Beneath my Bed

Monster Beneath my Bed is a mostly true story about the monster we found beneath our daughter’s bed. This story has a surprise ending that will help put children at ease about what may be lurking beneath their bed.

*also available on Amazon or Barnes&Noble*

Bully Troubles

Bully Troubles is our first chapter book. It covers the serious issue of bullying. This story stars our dog, Bear B; and our cat, Stone. In this adventure, they deal with a very serious issue of a couple of neighborhood dogs who try to bully them around. They make friends along the way. They are faced with some tough situations and make some hard choices. This is a great early reader chapter book to share with your kids and open up a discussion about bullying and how to deal with the very serious issue.

*also available on Amazon or Barnes&Noble*

Click on any of the titles to order directly from CreateSpace. Use the discount code NJNUJTF2 at the checkout to receive 5% off each title you order. This discount will be available now until the end of December.

Follow my blog to receive announcements on special KDP ebook deals coming up between now and Christmas.


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