Ideas welcome

Recently, I received a comment on Am I wrong? that simply says yes, I am wrong. 

I’m okay being told I am wrong. As I said, it was one idea. 

First, the chatting part is not a part of what I believe my daughter needs for support but simply something I believe all kids would benefit from. 

Second, the “stretching” can be done in an organized fashion (as a group), or just allow children to chose how or if they need to stretch. It releases stress and tension. It is beneficial to everyone’s health. 

Third, the walking in groups instead of a straight line is also not a support my daughter needs, just another thing I think all kids would benefit from.  Still ask, when have you walked in a straight line in your grown up life (waiting in line not included)?

A behavior chart and planned stretching between subjects is all I’m really proposing. 

If you see a problem with these ideas, please feel free to share. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please, share what you think wouldn’t work, why, and any ideas you may have as an alternative. 

Also if you do agree, please share what you think would work, why, and of course I’d love to hear any ideas anyone has. 

I’m sharing because I’m notobtaining acceptable  results to ensure my child is educated properly. I’m sharing what I’ve tried. I’m sharing my ideas. Your experience or thoughts could be what helps us the most. 

Please don’t be shy. Join the conversation. 


I love feedback. Leave a Reply

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