I’ve been called a lot of things in my life

Some good, some bad. But narcissist is a new one. 

That’s what the newest comment from that “parent” called me. Am I a narcissist for expecting them to follow the law? For thinking that my daughter’s disability should never be used as a weapon against her? 

Yes, it is true that my daughter has lashed out during high anxiety situations, and I do feel bad for the kids that have been hurt in the process. However, instead of attacking the child whose anxiety was so great she felt the need to protect herself no matter the cost, perhaps you should be angry that the staff at your child’s school pushed her into such high anxiety that she resorted to defending herself. 

I have repeatedly attempted to work with that staff to stop pushing my daughter into high anxiety situations. I have repeatedly offered advice and helpful information. This information has included both my own experiences and articles written by some top professionals in the field. 

You are correct, I don’t share everything on this blog, but it is not for narcissistic reasons. However, I have not said that my child is innocent. If you truly read my blog, you would see that I do admit that she has hurt people when her anxiety is up.  I don’t deny that it is a problem. (However, your allegation has never been reported to me or documented in her discipline records) What I said is that the law is clear and they have to use supports and accommodations to help her (and all the children in her class) to be successful. 

Sadly, it seems to me that I am doing more to protect your child than you are. Good luck to you and yours. My conscience is clear.  


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