It gets worse and worse

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while guys. This week has been a lot of stress and frustration. Once again, I signed the REED for them to restart testing and observation to determine if our daughter is eligible for special education services, and immediately things have gone straight to hell again. 

I spent the week from Halloween through Thursday attempting to help my daughter complete a month’s worth of work in a week because they have been removing her from class so much that she fell way behind. It had to all be turned in by Friday because it was the end of the marking period. (Side note: the parent portal shows only a single thing my daughter has done all year has been graded, and that was the first week of September)

They also were finally sending home work she had missed in class while they continue to remove her from class. She ended up ahead of them. So, then she’s in trouble for having nothing to do while the class is working on things she did at home with me. Punish her for that. Then, they are finally checking the papers she did at home with me, and she was not allowed. Punish her for that, too.  

Friday, they had an assembly scheduled for the afternoon. During math, they were finally checking 3-2 (which she already turned in to her teacher) and they won’t give her back her paper and let her check it. Instead, they send her out in the hall to work on a new copy of it. She says she wants to be in class. They remove her to the office and call me to come get her because she obviously can’t ride the bus. She is calmly stating she just wants to go to class and work on what everyone else is working on. 

By the time we get there to pick her up, they’ve added more to the allegations. Here’s their newest MO. They are making up lies about my child. How do I know they’re lies? My daughter admits to the things she does. She doesn’t have a history of lying to me. They do.

It’s like they think just because they are the grown ups in the situation people automatically have to believe them. Adults lie far more than kids do in my experience. Plus, they are using some of the same lies that the previous school (still under investigation by the OCR) had concocted. Thing is, CPS and the local police department proved that they were lies. That’s not in the school record they obtained (through illegal forging of my signature). Those lies are why we refused to sign a release of records. 

This time while on speaker phone listening to my daughter tell me what happened as the principal is telling a story that changed every time she was interrupted, I finally flat out said that I’m going to believe the one that doesn’t have a history of lying to me. The principal says simply “I understand that.” Then proceeds to accuse me of refusing all supports they have tried to put into place. I asked what supports they have offered and she says “now is not the time to discuss that.” 

My daughter continues to say that she just wants to be in class. She continues to tell me that she was removed from class for “walks” or to go in the “blue room” for no reason. She continues to report that she feels like she is hardly ever in class. 

These things were not happening during the first weeks of school when she was just a general ed student with GAD. These things also were not happening during the week that I had revoked permissions and said she was just a 504 student. 

You tell me, is it related? Does allowing them to label her put a target on her back? It sure feels that way. We have another meeting on Wednesday. A manifestation determination. I’ve been requesting one for weeks. She only spent maybe a week total throughout the month of October actually in class, and only a couple days more than that in school. 

We tell them repeatedly that segregating her out is a trigger that raises her anxiety. So, they separate her out and then punish her for having an anxiety outburst which then causes more anxiety and causes her to have an anxiety meltdown which results in bigger punishments. When they can’t find something to punish her for, they make something up. 

Is our public school system broken? I ask because we’ve been to numerous schools throughout the years with both of our special needs children, and the experience is always the same. Do whatever it takes to keep these children out of the classroom. No qualms about lying or trumping things up. 

The other morning, she got on the bus to discover the dean of students is sitting in the seat across from hers. She takes her seat, presses up against the window and places her backpack over her head like a barrier between him and her, and looks at me through the window with a look of absolute fear on her face. That fear speaks volumes to me. 

Intimidation is a form of bullying. 

Intimidation bullying refers to any gesture that interferes or disrupts a child’s freedom to coexist with peers.

So is slander. 

Social or relational bullying, involves hurting someone’s reputation or relationships. Social bullying includes: Ostracising or leaving another out purposely

All over the web, parents can find resources on talking to staff if another student is bullying their child. What if the staff is the bullies? What if administration is working together to bully a student out of school? In our case, it has happened in the past. We were honest and up front about how we ended up homeschooling. We wanted them to understand why school causes such high anxiety levels for our daughter. We wanted them to show her that school could be a safe place. We wanted them to help reduce that anxiety. Instead, they seem to be trying to do the exact same thing. AND, thanks to the illegally obtained records, they have a blueprint to do it. 

So, I apologize that I’m not posting as often as I’d like to be. I’m also not getting any actual work done lately. Instead, I spend my days watching my phone, waiting for it to ring, and constantly checking my emails for updates from the school. 


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