I wrote them a letter

Last night’s meeting did not go well at all. Ultimately, it resulted in me calling an end to the meeting and walking out. I ended up in tears out by the car. It is so frustrating. The law very clearly states that the parents can participate in every decision made regarding their child. Hell, doctor’s cannot take life saving measures on a child without informed parental consent. Why, exactly, would educator’s be awarded more decision making power than a surgeon?

As a response to my email stating that I learned that we were entitled to a due process hearing when we disagreed with their placement proposal, they have offered to start the evaluation process over again. We did not sign the paper last night. We brought them home to discuss our options and decide what we wanted to do. We will be signing the paper and turning it in to them today.

After last night’s complete failure of a meeting, I drafted a letter. This morning I edited it like any good piece of writing should be edited and sent it off in an email to as many people involved in the decision making process as I could think of. Here is a copy of that letter.


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