#PhiThetaKappa member

I am constantly working on and updating my blog to keep it fresh and up to date. Along the side (or at the bottom, depending on your device) is a graphics list of my awards/accomplishments. It is not a complete list. Recently, it occurred to me that I was missing one that was very important to me.

I had forgotten about my Phi Theta Kappa membership. My favorite hoodie is my PTK hoodie. It’s warm and comfortable. I have been wearing it a lot lately. It dawned on me, while I was snuggled into my warm hoodie, that I had not logged in or updated my PTK profile in a very long time. In fact, it had been so long that I no longer had access to the email address I had used to register. The mailing address they had on file has not been my address in about 4 years. Terrible, I know.

While I was logged in and updating my profile and everything that went along with it, I discovered that they had graphics available to post on member’s websites. How cool? I uploaded the one I liked best. It is a graphic of the pin given when I registered.


I am proud of this accomplishment and thought it would make a great addition to the collection of awards and accomplishments already displayed on my blog.


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