Frustrated mom

I took the weekend off. I didn’t log into my blog. I didn’t post to Twitter. I took a break because I’m feeling frustrated. 

My daughter’s class is on their fifth grade camping trip. It’s a once in a lifetime field trip. You’re only in fifth grade once. 

They had a bunch of reasons. Her anxiety was one of them. Not being in the school last year when her classmates did fundraising. Meetings and deadlines happened during the two weeks we were gone and the one week they were denying her an education by denying her enrollment. Lots of excuses to keep her from the trip. 

But, nonetheless, she wanted to go to school today. She knew that a few of her friends would be staying behind with her. She went to school this morning with the mentality that she was ready to do whatever those left behind were told to do. At Friday’s meeting, we were told there would be things like movies. 

Instead, they were doing work. They also put a “helper” on her again. We withdrew consent for IEP testing and development when they refused to stop crowding her. When they were using it to increase her anxiety. Today went exactly like that week. Today, they used all the same methods on her that increased her anxiety so high. 

Without her teacher there, they went back to the same bullying tactics. They did not communicate with me once all day. They segregated her out for half the day into the “blue room” where they kept her with this alleged helper for the remainder of the day. 

On the bus, she has been having problems with her assigned seat and those seated around her. She went to the bus driver for help. He blew her off. She chose to go to the adult in charge. And she found no help from the kids who have been giving her a hard time and calling her names for the past week. 

She hit her breaking point. She lost it and found herself removed from the bus. Taken and held in the office again. Where the secretary calls to tell me that we need to come and pick her up. She doesn’t know why. She can’t answer any of my questions. I ask for someone who can give me information. I’m left on hold for 30 minutes. I finally got about ten minutes on the phone with the principal before my husband arrived to pick up our daughter. 

The story the principal told me about today and the one she told my husband are two different stories. Nothing is adding up. My daughter gets home, and I get her side. 

We revoked. How can they still implement these same horrible practices on her? Why would anyone want to hurt a child? 

I’m angry. I’m hurt. I’m sad. I’m frustrated. 

She won’t be returning to school until the camping trip is over. She won’t be there when her teacher is not. At every meeting we have explicitly explained that they were causing her anxiety with these practices. We removed consent because they were not willing to treat her appropriately. 

I emailed the principal after talking to my daughter. I was very direct as to how they caused her anxiety to be high again. How they used her disability as a weapon against her and forced her into an episodic state. I once more reminded them that the law is very clear. 

I don’t want to fight a legal battle. My daughter will only suffer more. But, I’m about ready to take it to a courtroom. I’m about ready to hire a lawyer and fight for my daughter’s right to be treated like a human being. 

I don’t want to be the angry blogger. I don’t want to spend my days fighting a system that is corrupt and broken. I just want my daughter to be given the same rights as anyone else. I wanted my daughter to have fond memories of school. I want her to feel safe when she gets on that bus in the morning. I want her to know that she is awesome and sweet and wonderful. I want her to know happiness and success. I want her to BE. 


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