Success, battle averted #schoolbullies

First, I’d like to apologize. Apparently, I’ve given the impression that I am an angry blogger. This is certainly not my intention. What I have been recently is an angry parent. I am an emotional writer, an emotional communicator. I’ve also recently been told I am standoffish right now. Dang, when I get my guard up, I guess I really do get my guard up. So, I’m going to work on that.

And, I actually really do have some positives to report. I’m not just putting on a show here. 

Behavior Chart

Yesterday, I wrote about the behavior chart they’d worked out for our daughter (It’s not over…). I was in no way upset that they’d come up with a behavior chart. The behavior chart focused on decreasing the number of “outbursts” she had and keeping her hands and feet to herself. Sounds good, so far. This is a part of remembering her self control and finding a way to work through her own anxiety in a new surrounding. I was totally on board. Until, I read the rewards.


reward (n.) ~ a thing given in recognition of one’s service, effort, or achievement

When I get to the rewards section, they have written recess and afternoon free time (which as far as I can tell is another recess). Recess is actually awarded to her by the law. It says that she cannot be excluded for reasons of disability. The word recess is actually written into the law.

First, something you would get anyways is not an award. It is not an incentive. Second, failure to control her disability would result in a punishment of losing something that everyone is given. That is just not okay.

Battle Averted

I think they are finally listening to me. I hope that they are. Yesterday, I received a phone call from the principal regarding my email pointing out why it is not acceptable to us. While she seemed to be convinced I had a problem with the behavior chart itself, and not the rewards, they have at least agreed to put everything on hold.

They have promised to set up a 504 meeting for Friday. They have said that they will implement nothing but school policy with her. They are still under the impression that she is going to need lots of supports. They are calling in a 504 specialist from the county district level to assist us. It’s going to be a bumpy road, but I do hope that the fighting part is over. I just don’t want to go through it again.

More Positive

The other thing I had done during the course of all this was to reach out to the teacher. After all, my daughter was still confident in her. My daughter felt safe with her. Yesterday, she emailed me during her off period. Just some information on how things were going for the day so far. She told me about the successes and the anxiety symptoms that had presented themselves. I emailed her back with a few pointers and observations.

She emailed me again last evening and this morning. She told us how she saw that the duration of the anxiety episodes seemed to diminish as the day progressed. She talked about things she’d like me to work on with our daughter at home. She talked about her day on both an academic and an emotional level. She sees my child. She’s learning to understand my child.


Hope is such a beautiful thing. I’m nervous. I don’t know what is waiting around the corner. I can’t say what tomorrow brings (or today, for that matter), but I have hope. I feel confident that this teacher can work with our daughter. I know that given the opportunity, our daughter can find success. I am hopeful that Friday’s meeting will be much more successful.


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