I won’t be bullied either #standuptobullying

This morning, I woke up to find a comment that implied my daughter is getting what she deserves. I wrote this on my personal Facebook page. 

First, let me say that I not once said that my daughter was innocent or handling things properly. But she is TEN, she has GAD, and she is being BULLIED by the grown ups who she is supposed to turn to for help. If you believe that because an abused child is acting out, they deserve any of this then you need to look up the signs of abuse in children. If you think that because she is having meltdowns we should not stand up for her rights then please delete me. I will delete any comments that imply she gets what she deserves. Yes one of her outbursts did result in hitting another child. No we do not find this acceptable. She was punished for it. We also talked about it with her from all angles. The students are still trying to welcome her back and include her. The adults won’t even let her play with them or receive/return a simple high five. How many of you got into fights when you were in school? After your suspension, were you put into isolation? Were you denied basic human contact? How many other students (non IEP) have been put into isolation after a school fight? They are using the IEP process and her disability as tools to punish her. That’s not how it is supposed to be. It sickens me that I even have to write this. It sickens me that someone out there thinks that it’s okay to treat her like this. It sickens me because this very attitude is the reason why it continues in schools across the nation, across the world. We will continue to #standuptobullying for our daughter. I will be posting about it across all social media. If this offends you, delete me. She does not deserve what is happening to her. She deserves to experience the same life awarded to other ten year olds just for being ten.

This is not ok. Never will anyone convince me that it is. What I’m hearing is that some children deserve to be abused? That doesn’t sound right. No body deserves to be abused, humiliated, segregated, isolated, bullied, or teased. 

I’m sad. I’m sad for my daughter. I’m sad for my nation. I’m sad for future generations who are growing up in a world like this. 

And consider what kind of psychological damage is being inflicted on the other 30 or so children in her classroom? They are watching these things being done. How good is that for their mental health? As children, they understand feeling so much emotion you explode. It’s not my daughter they are learning to fear. They are learning to fear (and cower from) those in a position of authority. Those people they should be learning to respect and trust. 

Do you think it’s ok? Do you tell yourself “it’s not my child not my problem?” If this is happening in your child’s classroom, then it is your child, it is your problem. Stand up and tell your school that you won’t tolerate children being treated this way. The more voices we have, the louder we are, the more they will hear us. 


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