First, a little bit of honesty. I am beyond camera shy. I am shaking and nervous throughout these interviews. I never know if I sound like an idiot. I am all too aware that the camera is pointed directly at me. The very nature of an interview puts me on the spot or, more to the point, in the spotlight. I’m very content hiding in my little corner of the world and do not handle the pressure of all eyes on me very well. That being said, I think these interviews turned out all right. It was an honor to be chosen as the subject of these productions. 

As Students

At one point, my husband and I were both back in school, trying to earn some college credit, further our education, further our careers, increase our debt with no possible way to pay it off. You know, the basics.

I can’t honestly remember how they became aware of the books or us, but we were approached by school administration to do an on camera interview. (We were actually also interviewed by a journalism student on the school paper, but perhaps that is for another TBT)

Here is the video of that interview.

By Students

We had a really great experience when we were the guests at a local elementary school. The students were wonderful during the assembly. That night, we attended the event Cookies with Santa at the same elementary school. These students were so awesome sharing their own stories and artwork with us that we dedicated our second book, I Love the Changing Seasons, to them.

When the second book was released, we presented the elementary students with a couple copies for their library. We were invited to the high school to be interviewed by their media students for their local broadcast channel. They put together this really great broadcast combining our interview with the elementary students talking about why they like to read.

Here is that video.

Despite my camera shyness, I enjoyed the experience. It was a great honor to be a part of these projects. Perhaps as time goes by I will become more comfortable on camera. Or maybe I’m always going to be a little shaky. Thank you for checking out our little glimpses into the spotlight.

If you are interested in inviting us to speak at your school or event (sorry local only at this time) or interviewing us yourself you can contact me through the contact form on this blog or email me at TiffanyHiggins_freelancewriter@yahoo.com. We’d be delighted to talk to you.

Check out my post #PoweredByIndie to read about being a self-published indie author and to find links to purchase any of our books.


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