Start a #Discussion about #schoolbullies

What are your thoughts on the various sanctioned bullying happening in our schools? Have any of your kids ever been bullied by one or more grown ups in a position of authority? This is the horror some children face every day. This abuse is happening to our daughter. She is traumatized and scared and she is feeling like she’s caught in the same nightmare she barely survived before. And she is right. 

While the Office of Civil Rights is still (a year and a half later) investigating the previous schools abusive tactics, we are experiencing those same behaviors again at a new school. 

You can help. You can watch for signs of this abuse in your schools. You can talk to your kids about it. You can share my blog posts or write your own. Read the articles I share with useful information. Stand up to bullies. If you’re a teacher, don’t just ignore the way a child is being treated. Try to see things from the child’s perspective. 

It’s sad and it’s scary that these practices are in fact sanctioned in our schools. Let the battle begin again. 

I’m spreading this post across social media. You can do the same by sharing it from any platform or to any platform. Let’s start a discussion about how they treat our children and the potential for PTSD. 

Please link any blog posts back to this post or post a link in the comments section. I’d love to follow the conversation. #schoolbullies


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