Throughout the month of October, Amazon will be celebrating great writing self-published via Kindle Direct Publishing, CreateSpace, and Audiobook Creation Exchange.

As a part of this great celebration, they have encouraged their authors to share why we love being an indie author. Here is my story.

Publishing Company Blues

Initially, we published We’ve Seen Santa through a publishing company. The resulting book was not what we had envisioned. We were extremely dissatisfied with the final product they produced. Their PR people did not work well with me and seemed to make up more information than use the actual facts I supplied about who I was and what I was doing. They didn’t even acknowledge that my husband was my illustrator. To me, this is a key point in what we do. We work together to create these books. That should be a selling point. Instead, they insisted that he sign away all his rights to acknowledgment. They told me to stop talking about him on my social media pages. It was not a good experience.

Republishing through CreateSpace

I found CreateSpace through NaNoWriMo. I received 5 free books for publishing my NaNoWriMo novel through them. I decided to see what they could do with an illustrated children’s book. I figured that as long as I didn’t release it, it wouldn’t hurt. I ordered the draft copy to see how it looked when it was done my way. It was absolutely beautiful. We compared it side by side with the book that was published by the publishing company. It looked so much nicer. It was far more appealing to my own children than the original. I found a loophole in my contract with the publishing company and revoked their rights to publish or sell We’ve Seen Santa any more.

Continued Success

I learned about KDP and released my book through Amazon, as well. Back then, illustrated books didn’t look the greatest on Kindle, but it was okay. Over the years, we went on to produce two more picture books and a chapter book through CreateSpace and KDP. I absolutely love the control I have over the building and printing of our books. They look beautiful and I am proud of them. Today, KDP works much better with illustrated books. They have a special publishing section for them and the pages lay side by side and everything looks clean and crisp.

Order Today

It’s every child’s dream to catch Santa leaving presents under the tree. Falling asleep on Christmas Eve is a struggle! You hear a sound. What was it? Could it be Santa? We’ve Seen Santa is the story of a brother and sister who sneak out of bed and go downstairs to take a peek. Will Santa be eating the cookies they left out for him? Will he be the jolly man they imagine? Will he be happy to see them? An unforgettable Christmas is in store for these siblings!

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From the couple who brought you We’ve Seen Santa comes their newest book. I Love the Changing Seasons is about all the wonderful changes each season brings. Children will learn about the seasons while enjoying the fun rhyming rhythm of the story. Coming soon from this author/illustrator duo is Monster Beneath my Bed which explores every child’s fear of the unknown.

2013 KART Kids Book List Award

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You’re all tucked into bed when you hear a sound. Was it in the closet? Maybe beneath your bed? You tell your parents, but they say there is no such thing as monsters. You know what you heard, right? Monster Beneath my Bed is a (mostly) true story about a monster living beneath the bed at night. Follow one little girl’s scary nights as she struggles with the noises she hears coming from beneath her bed. Find out what she learned about her monster in the surprise ending that will leave everyone feeling relieved about what lurks in their bedroom at night.

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Front Cover

Moving is never easy. Living in a new house, in a new neighborhood, where nothing is familiar can be hard.

Bear B and Stone are experiencing these changes in their life. They are making new friends and learning to love their new home.

Not everyone is very welcoming. Bossy and Butch are downright mean. They don’t like Stone. It’s not anything he did. It’s just because he is a cat.

Bully Troubles is about overcoming the bullies. Bear B and Stone want to be able to enjoy their lives. They don’t want to let Butch and Bossy get in the way.

Can they defeat the bullies without becoming bullies themselves?

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