I’m officially back online!

Boy does it feel good to have internet again. I am excited to see my pages loading at a normal speed. To watch my words flow across the screen as I type instead of dealing with a delay and having to backtrack a sentence or two in order to fix a small typo. It means that I will be able to post regularly again.

Yesterday, I was telling ya’ll about how spitting mad I am at the way the public school system in our area is handling my daughter’s education. Basically because she is special needs, her education just doesn’t seem to be important to anyone but us. Well, that’s how I was feeling yesterday. 

We Moved Back

So, we’ve had a lot going on around here. Many of it is things I don’t share. But, series of events led us to move out of our home and into a friends house last month. Then, a series of events led us to moving back into the home we’ve been living in for more than a year now.

The reason that this is important is because on Monday we went to the school where our daughter started the school year out to register her to be back in her classroom. Seemed simple enough. It wasn’t.

Setting up for an IEP

We didn’t have an IEP in place when we were here before. Her certifications are still valid. Those are done every 3 years. However, there was no current IEP because homeschooled students do not necessarily have one. They only get one if you register as a homeschool with the state and fight for the local district to provide special education services for your child.

In our case, we went to homeschooling our daughter because of some really bad practices by our then local district. Things were bad enough that a year and a half later they are still being investigated by the Office of Civil Rights. I cannot discuss that part of our experience until the investigation is completed.

Anyways, when we were up north at my friends house the school had begun to set up for an IEP. The process was only beginning when we had to move back down here. We decided to meet with the principal here to move things down here and keep them moving steadily forward. She needs supports.

Not in Class

And that is when the principal decided that she wasn’t going to let our daughter start school right away. At that meeting on Monday she told us that she wanted to have supports in place before allowing our daughter to come back. We signed the paperwork giving permission to develop an IEP for her.

Yesterday, we received a call from the school asking us to come in today to sign all the paperwork for the various tests they would like to do to determine what supports she actually needs. Testing that cannot be done until she is in school. But still she is not back in class.

More Time

Now, they just want a little more time. A few things they would like to do before she comes back to school. So, we signed their paperwork. They are thinking that she will probably be able to come back to school on Monday. But, don’t count on it. They will call us on Friday to let us know IF she is coming back on Monday.

Prepared to Fight

I have already spoken to our county’s special education director. Not the school district. The county. She’s in charge of making sure all the school districts follow the rules. She said that they should not have been delaying her at all. They said that she needs to be in class.

I will give them to Monday. Well, Friday really because that’s when they are supposed to call me. I will give them time to get things in place because I don’t want to go to battle with another school. But make no mistake. I will fight. I will go over their head to the county. I will go back to filing another complaint with the OCR. My daughter’s education matters to me. She needs to be in school.

And that is what has been going on in our little corner of the special education world. This is not a new experience for us. This is not something we haven’t been through before. I have two children who are special needs with IQs through the roof. Yet repeatedly we are told their education doesn’t matter. I’m frustrated. I’m trying to be patient. We will get there.


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