#Memory Testing

The National Memory Screening Program an initiative of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America has this nifty questioneer. My answers are in bold. 

These questions might help you decide if you should be screened. If you answer “yes” to any of them, you might benefit from a memory screening.

Am I becoming more forgetful? Yes

Do I have trouble concentrating? Yes

Do I have difficulty performing familiar tasks? Sometimes yes, especially if the steps are interrupted. 

Do I have trouble recalling words or names in conversation? All the time

Do I sometimes forget where I am or where I am going? Occasionally 

Have family or friends told me that I am repeating questions or saying the same thing over and over again? Repeatedly

Am I misplacing things more often? Sometimes

Have I become lost when walking or driving? Yes

Have my family or friends noticed changes in my mood, behavior, personality, or desire to do things? My husband has expressed concern that I’ll become agoraphobic. 

They said it would present like Alzheimer’s, but I’ve never seen a questioneer like this. It really puts it in perspective. 

I didn’t know about the memory testing. There isn’t really anything in my area. But that’s ok. It’s a good initiative. 

The questioneer gives me the words I need when trying to communicate with my doctor. It is also a good thing to show to my husband. Help him help the doctors help me. 

Read more about the National Memory Screening Program at their website

Visit the Alzheimer’s Fondation of America website


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