#Beautiful Soul

I was sitting here listening to my daughter sing about washing the dishes as she washed the dishes. But every once in a while she goes into a panic that she is doing something wrong. Then she will holler for help about where to put something or somebody come check this. 

She’s never really loaded a dishwasher before. She’s only had experience with hand washing. She helped the other day, but the other kids were there to tell her what to do. 

As I’m listening to her and helping her through her panic attacks, I came across this in my Facebook. What a beautiful sentiment. 

She is such a caring, loving, beautiful soul. She tries so hard to make everyone around her happy. Then the self doubt kicks in and she begins to panic again. She never wants to disappoint. 

People really don’t see this. They don’t believe this. She only aims to please. She is calm and happy as long as her world is serine. 

Then her anxiety raises, and she doesn’t know how to handle herself anymore. She goes into overload, and then she either freezes or lashes out depending on the circumstances of the overload. 

But she only wants approval. She just needs reassurance that she is doing things right. Sometimes she needs connection, positive input. Sometimes she just needs a damned hug. But nobody sees the girl that I see. All sweet and caring and eager to please. Nobody sees how fragile and frightened she is as she waits for them to see her, hear her, respond to her, or at times praise her. I love you my sweet, sweet beautiful soul.  


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