It’s Friday. I haven’t actually done this on a Friday before. Figured it’s about time I gave it a try. Yeah, I know it’s 1130 at night and most follow Friday followers have either gone to bed or have gone out for the night.

There’s still a chance that some of you are still out there, looking for a new blog to read, searching for something new to get your mind thinking.

You can follow my blog on WordPress (I know, duh) or you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest (mostly not blog related content), and even Tumblr. To make it easy on you, you can find a link to all of these accounts somewhere on this page (either to the right or at the bottom, depending on your device).

Follow me for new content about parenting, cooking, writing and life in general. I try to post daily. Sometimes I post multiple times in a day. It all depends on what lemons life hands me and how much lemonade I can make.

Click a link and follow me to read about the fiasco I call life and all the things that make my days complete.


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